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Babysitter Wanted – 7

Director – Jonas Barnes, Michael Manasseri

Cast – Sarah Thompson, Nana Visitor, Jillian Schmitz, Matt Dallas, Bruce Thomas, Kristen Dalton, Kai Caster, Bill Mosely

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Here’s a pretty new flick I’ve been hearing good stuff about and since I found an opportunity to view it, I just HAD to see it. This film revolves around a young, uber-religious country girl who moves to the city to attend college(a secular college surprisingly). Being the poor college student that comes as a byproduct of tuition and textbooks, she seeks local job listings and decides to take up a babysitting job. Of course, this babysitting job takes place on an isolated farm basically in the middle of nowhere(duh!). While on campus she keeps noticing a strange man showing up at places she is at, staring at her, and then disappearing quicker than a 17 year old’s prom dress on prom night. With the feeling that someone is stalking her, she begins to let it get the best of her during her babysitting job, easily spooking and shivering at any sounds the old house makes. But little does she know, she actually IS being stalked(duh again!)! Her night gradually gets worse as this malevolent stalker wreaks havoc on her and the child she is babysitting. As she begins to face more and more danger at the hands of the stalker, she may in fact be in danger at the hands of the child she is supposed to be protecting.

This film turned out surprisingly well for not having a Hollywood funded budget, and goes to show how some creativity can get you get places a budget wont take you to(to the lands of “respect“). I really liked the story of this film, it blended basically two different types of horror flicks together in a way I hadn’t exactly seen before. I wont go into detail over the two genres because that would quite possibly give away the twist in this film. Hehe. Although this film seemed to shy away from the gore at first, we were shown some pretty good gore towards the end of the film, where people start getting HACKED! It was also cool to see Bill Mosely(most recently from “Repo! The Genetic Opera”) play the role of the local sheriff in town.

I do of course have some complaints about this film. I was a bit disappointed with the gore and kills at first because most of them were done off screen and we would then be shown the aftereffect. However in the end I guess the film somewhat made up for this with the good gore we saw towards the end. I also did not like how it seemed there would be a sub-plot involving the main girls love interest, Rick, was going to have something to do with the main conflict of the film. He was however somewhat left out of it until the end, when all was said and done. Honestly, why even include him in the story! I guess it was a failed attempt to either eat up some film time, or try to throw some relationship-romanticism into the flick.

Overall, this is a good flick to watch if you can find it. You’ll be exposed to two different horror genres, and a pretty good low budget flick with a promising story.

Rating: 7/10

– I listed this film as an “Honorable Mention” in my Top 10 Horror Movies of 2008 post.

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