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Eden Lake – 7

Director – James Watkins

Cast – Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender, Lots of annoying kids

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Wow. Here is a surprisingly good film from director James Watkins, you may remember his first film “My Little Eye” and he is currently working on “The Descent: Part 2”. I will tell you this right now…this film is f*cked up! If you have a heart, you will most likely not like this film. This film is INTENSE, and is somewhat hard to watch during certain scenes that we are not used to seeing here in the USA.

This film is about a young couple(Jenny and Steve) heading to a romantic, and deserted lake to enjoy a romantic weekend together. However, their weekend plans are soon interrupted when a group of obnoxious kids make their way to the lake as well. After being annoying for a while, the kids soon begin to harass the couple by stealing their car and most of their belongings, leaving the couple stranded. Finally, when Steve confronts the kids, he accidentally kills their pet while defending himself, and then gets brutally and viciously attacked by the group of kids. As Jenny runs away for help, she is unwillingly thrown into a gruesome cat and mouse game with these annoying, anal-rape deserving kids.

First off, I loved how brutal this film is. This film puts aside all human dignity and throws some pretty messed up scenes at the viewer. I also liked how this film used kids as the antagonists, instead of adults, which sort of gets repetitive after a while. This film has some intense scenes that will definitely get your heart racing, as well as make you feel immense sorrow for those who perish in this film.

There were of course some scenes I didn’t like. Although they were brutal(and I LOVE brutal), they were quite tasteless and will make the vast majority of viewers hate this film, regardless of how well put together this flick is. Another thing I must warn you about is these kids will PISS YOU OFF! This film was amazingly developed to have these kids really make you hate them, and want to kill them yourself. Plus, if you like happy “Hollywood” endings…this film may not be for you(but I suggest you find out for yourself).

Overall, this is a great film, but it will tug at your emotion. Do not watch this with people you are easily embarrassed in front of, because  you will catch yourself yelling at the tv screen.

Rating: 7/10

– I ranked this film #9 in my Top 10 Horror Movies of 2008 post.

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