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Freakdog – 5

Director – Paddy Breathnach

Cast – Arielle Kebbel, Sarah Carter, Andrew Lee Potts, Stephen Dillane, Alex Wyndham, Katie McGrath, Martin Compston, Christina Chong

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

The title of this film has led to much confusion. Some see this for rent as “Freakdog”, while others see this for rent as “Red Mist”. Technically, as of now, the title is “Freakdog”. The film is called “Red Mist” in the international market, and the title makes some sense. The term “Red Mist” is very much the same term as “Seeing Red”, which is basically what you see when you are in extreme anger, which this film has a lot to do with. However, “Red Mist” is also a term used by snipers for the spray of blood they see when their bullet exit’s their victim’s body. So why title it “Freakdog”? Well, antagonist of the film is constantly called “Freakdog”, so this title makes some sense.

This film centers around a group of young student doctors and a lonesome, seriously deprived individual named Kenneth. Kenneth seems to have quite a problem with voyeurism with his cell phone, always recording people going about their daily lives. Maybe he’s seen one too many reality shows? Hehe. Anywho, one late night the group of student doctors are out drinking at a local bar, when Kenneth arrives wanting to join in on the fun. The group quickly begins making fun of him, calling him a “Freakdog”, and telling him to take off. He then shows them some blackmail videos he has on his cell phone involving one of the students getting Xanex, Vicotin, and other drugs from the hospital pharmacy to be used at the bar that night. They quickly decide that they should invite him to drink with them, and then get him doped up on the drugs as well so he cant say anything. All goes smoothly until they decide to put a large amount of drugs into his drink, which then causes him to pass out and go into a seizure. Not wanting to get caught or be tied to what happened, they simply dump him in a parking lot so that someone else can call an ambulance for him. The next day the students find out that not only was he eventually taken to the hospital by someone, but he is in a coma, which means there is no way they can rat him out. One of the students, Catherine, feels bad for him and decides to inject him with some experimental drugs that have the potential to revive brain-dead coma patients. Unfortunately for the group, the drug also has the potential to allow the person “out of body experience” and the vengeful Kenneth begins taking over the bodies of others and slowly picking off those who wronged him at the bar that night. Catherine must then find a way to stop Kenneth while making sure that her friends are not falling victim to Kenneth’s vengeful “spirit”, which could take the body of anyone. With no one to trust, and no one believing her that someone IN A COMA is doing the killing, what is a girl to do???? Haha.

This film started off with a scene involving a young Kenneth watching his mother get brutally attacked(and possibly killed) from they keyhole of another room. I guess we are left to believe that this is his reason for voyeurism? I really tried to like this film, but it just wasn’t happening for me. Although the gore was decent, the story was a bit similar to “Jason Goes to Hell”, and had way too many plot holes as well as useless scenes. I was honestly quite bored with the “spirit taking over bodies and killing” idea of the film. Maybe if Kenneth had somehow risen from the coma but in a “zombie-like” state, and then started killing off the students then I may have enjoyed this film a bit more. Minus the plot holes of course! Aside from the bad acting, the predictable ending, and the useless script with more holes in it than Topper Harley’s bullet-riddled victims in “Hot Shots: Part Deux…this film could have been worse.

Overall, I would not recommend seeing this film unless there’s nothing else for rent at the video store, or you actually enjoy seeing other “crap, but could have been crappier” films like “The Haunting of Molly Hartley”.

Rating: 5/10

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