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High Tension – 8

Director – Alejandre Aja

Cast – Cecile De France, Maiwenn Le Besco, Philippe Nehon, Franck Khalfoun

Release Year – 2003

Reviewed by John of the Dead

How is it the French keep putting out such great horror movies!?! Although this film precedes the infamous “Frontier(s)”, it is one of the most well known French horror flicks around right now. And of course we can thank the amazingly talented Alejandre Aja for bring us this beautiful piece of horror art. Mr. Aja really is becoming a force to recon with in the horror world given he has directed some other great horror film such as “The Hills Have Eyes” remake, “Mirrors”(“Into The Mirror” remake), and the upcoming “Pirahna 3D”.

This film follows two French college students named Marie and Alexia as they head to Alexia’s family farmhouse to get away for a weekend of studying. Then sometime during the night things turn awful when a creeped out sadistic old man shows up and begins severely mutilating the family one by one. Although Marie is able to hide from the deranged psychopath, he binds up Alexia and takes her with him, forcing Marie to join the thrill ride to save Alexia from this behemoth in a blue jumpsuit.

First starters, this film is brutal! There are some gore scenes that will ABSOLUTELY please any gore hounds out there. The opening “blowjob” scene is definitely my favorite scene from ANY French horror flick so far, trust me, you’ll like it. This film also had incredible cinematography and visuals, just like its predecessor “Frontier(s)”. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but these French folks are doing things right for once. I also really enjoyed the fact that there is very little dialogue in this film. Most horror flicks usually have a bit of dialogue to help the movie progress, but this film managed to keep our attention with very little spoken words, which definitely appealed to me. Lastly, the twist at the end of this film is simply amazing. Some hate it(it changes the concept of the film), and others love it(because it completely came out of nowhere). I personally found myself somewhat enjoying the twist, I liked how the twist came completely out of left field and turned this film into a very power sexual film. Good stuff!

I really have no serious complaints about this film. I guess my only complaint could be that I was left wanting more of the infamous “blowjob” scene. LOL!

Overall, you HAVE to see this movie. Whether you like the twist or not, you will definitely not be disappointed with this film in it’s entirety. It’s too gory, too sexually twisted, and too awesome to not enjoy.

Rating: 8/10

– I ranked this film #19 in my Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade(11-20) post.

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