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The Poughkeepsie Tapes – 6

Director – John Erick Dowdle

Cast – Stacy Chbosky, Ben Messmer, Samantha Robson, Ivar Brogger, Lou George

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Here is a film I have been wanting to see for quite a while and FINALLY got the opportunity to view it. There was quite a decent amount of buzz about whether or not this film is based on real events and of course…it is not. However, with this film we are introduced to a film unlike any of the other POV(Point Of View) films that have been released lately.

This film revolves around investigators searching an abandoned house and finding 2,100 hours of videotapes consisting of grueling torture, murder, and dismemberment. All of the tapes include sadistic narration by a killer who takes extreme pleasure in what he is doing during his decade long killing spree. This film is done in a somewhat realistic “reality” setting. After each video clip we are shown FBI Agents and Criminal Psychologists breaking down and commenting on the case involving this serial killer. Basically, it is like watching reality crime shows such as “Cold Case Files” or “The Forensic Files”. Early reports are indicating this this film is the first of a trilogy involving this serial killer.

This film had some pretty intense dialogue that I really enjoyed, such as him blatantly telling his victims, “I am GOING to rape you…” in a calm voice.  There were a few creepy scenes in the film but this was not a complete scarefest as some would think.  I did enjoy the originality of this movie being done in a “reality” fashion, it may not interest all viewers, but it is a genuine idea that had not exactly been performed before this movie.

I do have on major complaint about this film, and that is the lack of on-screen kills.  Because the killer films everything on his video camera he must set his camera down as he kills his victims. This is unfortunate because each kill naturally begins with a struggle which then leads to the victim’s death out of the view of the video camera. At least half the film had gone by before I was finally able to witness the first on-screen kill!  I was really let down by this and believe that this film would be MUCH better if we were able to witness these brutal kills on screen.

Overall, this is a decent flick worth checking out if you are tired of the same old horror flicks and would like to see something a bit different.  But keep in mind you will bear witness to much gore at all, just intense dialogue with no visuals to back it up.

Rating 6/10

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