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The Tribe – 6

Director – Jorg Ihle

Cast – Jewel Staite, Justin Baldoni, Marc Bacher, Nikki Griffin, Kellan Lutz, Helena Barrett

Release Year – 2009

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Here’s a new movie that just came out this month and after hearing that this film follows the lines of The Descent vs. Predator, I had to check it out. Although this film is not as great as either of those films, it is still a pretty good watch for a DTV(“Direct to Video” for you noobs) flick.

This flick is about a group of young adults who head off to a nice beach resort on a sailboat for a few days of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, their boat becomes destroyed after striking underwater rocks and they wind up stranded on an uncharted island not located on GPS scanners. Very soon after their arrival on the island they begin to realize that they are not alone, and are actually being hunted down by a tribe of humanlike creatures that have inhabited the island and left no previous visitors alive to tell about it.

This film seems to be having some problems with producers apparently trying to remake this film with the same concept, but a different script and cast. This is quite similar to the situation involving the Dominion: Prequel to The Exorcist vs. The Exorcist: The Beginning dilemma that occurred a few years ago. Nonetheless, after viewing this flick I was left rather impressed with how well done it was for a non “Hollywood” DTV film. The creatures in this flick were pretty sweet and reminded me of the fast moving cannibalistic humanoids from The Descent, which I loved! The gore on this film was not very intense like in The Descent, which was a bit of a letdown given how so many cannibal movies thrive and pretty much “require” good gore to keep up the story. Oh well. This film is still a surprisingly good and basically unknown movie from first time director Jorg Ihle(good start buddy).  Mr. Ihle goes on to show us that you do not need to have a high budget and A-list starts to put out a good, watchable film. He managed to create pretty good suspense in this film just by working camera angles and lighting to his advantage in order to force our own imaginations to freak us out…which works!

My biggest complaint about this film though is how it seemed like this movie was going to go into Predator mode, but just wound up being  a letdown in that aspect. We witness one chick do the “Arnold” thing and put stuff all over her body to disguise herself, but yet she didn’t really fight back with strategy and make shift weapons, which left me disappointed because this film really led the viewer to believe that it was going to head into that direction and get crazy.   I was really disappointed in that because I thought it would have really made this a kickass movie if she did. Although we are still shown her get stuff done, with some suspenseful scenes, it was in a much more boring aspect compared to what it could have been.

Overall, this is a surprisingly good DTV film that will show you how filmmakers can use little and still make a positive horror flick. If you are a fan of The Descent then this is one you’ll enjoy, if you can find it.

Rating: 6/10

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