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Wrong Turn – 8

Director – Rob Schmidt

Cast – Desmond Harrington, Eliza Dushku, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Jeremy Sisto, Kevin Zegers, Lindy Booth, Julian Richings

Release Year – 2003

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Although the idea of getting stuck in the middle of nowhere while inbred, cannibalistic freaks try to get you has been done COUNTLESS times in the past, Wrong Turn does it right and is actually one of the better horror films with this type of plot. The film stars Love Object star Desmond Harrington, as well as the beautiful Eliza Dushku, which means thanks to her this film could have sucked and it would still be awesome. Haha! I’m kidding…

The film follows Chris(Harrington), who is en route to an important interview. Due to a traffic jam, he is forced to take the unknown backroads in an attempt to make his interview on time. After a few miles of travel he accidentally rear ends a group of friends who were set for a weekend of fun in the woods, until their vehicle fell victim to a barb-wired booby trap set up on the road. With no working vehicles, Chris must join Jessie(Dushku) and her friends on a quest to get some help sent their way. Unfortunately for the group, they are miles from any sign of civilization and are slowly being killed off by a group of hideous, inbred cannibals who have been preying on innocent adventurers for years.

As I mentioned earlier, this plot has been done so many times that there is simply nothing original about it. HOWEVER…it is for that exact same reason that I enjoy this film so much! Director Rob Schmidt took a completely unoriginal plot and turned this film into a highly entertaining, amazingly paced film. I really respect him for being able to do that with this type of plot, we don’t see it happen very often these days. I love how the film takes off right from the beginning and provides us with constant entertainment and gruesome deaths all the way through the film. It seems Mr. Schmidt knew that he was dealing with an unoriginal idea, so he left out a lot of the boring plot development that we should already know about and aside from a few small scenes of backstory, got straight into the core of this film!

We see some amazing gore in this film, as well as one of the most original kills I’ve ever seen in a horror flick. Pay attention to the “tree” kill, which is sure to please gorehounds like me, as well as shock all those who aren’t! Hehe. Special FX maestro Stan Winston(Alien, Terminator 1 & 2, Pumpkinhead, Jurassic Park, Edward Scissorhands) is responsible for the awesome looking inbreds we see in this film. This guy is simply genius, and anyone who has seen Alien or Pumpkinhead knows that he creates some pretty freaky, and f*cked up looking antagonists. We also see some solid acting in this film, as well as another well known horror actor named Jeremy Sisto. You may remember him from the sweet film May, as well as the more recent film “Population 436“(which I have a review for). The pacing for this film is amazing as well. Constantly throughout the film we are given scares and kills that leave us never being able to take more than a five minute break from the suspense, which I love! This is definitely one of those types of films you can watch with a group of friends due to how well the gore, scares, and pacing are done in this film.

Overall, this is a fun film, with the “inbred cannibals” plot done right. Check this out if you want to see a good horror flick, that skips most of the boring plot development and gets right into the good stuff!

Rating: 8/10

– I ranked this film #42 in my Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade(41-50) post.

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