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Masters of Horror: “The V Word” – 4

Director – Ernest R. Dickerson

Cast – Branden Nadon, Arjay Smith, Jodelle Ferland, Lynda Boyd, Michael Ironside, Keith D. Humphrey

Release Year – 2006

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Ernest Dickerson broke onto the horror scene with Tales From The Crypt: Demon Night a fun watch.  While I have not seen his only other horror film prior to this one, the Snoop Dogg-starring Bones, it seems he really has not done a whole lot to earn his entry into this series.  This notion of mine is furthermore substantiated by this mediocre entry that started off strong, but quickly fell flat and never recovered.

The V Word follows two teenage boys, Kerry and Justin, who decide to find a bit of fun in the dead of the night.  Their idea of fun?  Sneak into an old mortuary where Justin’s cousin works at and see the dead body of a fellow schoolmate who died recently.  The boys make their way into the mortuary and accomplish their mission: the found the body.  Unfortunately for the two teenagers, they found more than just the body of their schoolmate, but the body of Justin’s cousin as well.  Little did they  know, a former teacher of theirs is in fact a vampire that has now claimed the mortuary as his own, and is looking for a few good souls to join his legion of the undead.

This one started off awesome, and had me hooked from the get-go.  Many a night I had found myself bored out of my mind, playing horror video games and just dying to do anything like what I was doing in the game.  Well these teenagers decided to meet the dead themselves, and they did.  The scenes regarding the mortuary were expertly done and thanks to Dickerson’s great use of camera angles, lighting, and an awesome set, he had me hooked.  It is because of this awesome direction that I was so extremely disappointed with how this turned out.  Way too soon we were thrown into the vampire carnage and this went from being a creepy film to just some lame vampire flick about the horror’s of being a vampire while not wanting to be a vampire.  I thought this was “Masters of Horror”, not that “Twilight” nonsense.  Regardless of the gore Ernest Dickerson through in throughout the film, it was nowhere near enough to save this flick from its pathetic demise.

Now I will give Ernest Dickerson some credit; he did not write this film, he only directed it.  Sadly, I must say that this film was not just written by any old hack writer, but the CREATOR of the “Masters of Horror” series, Mick Garris.  If you know me, you can imagine the blasphemy in my eyes as I type this.  I just mentioned how this film left its horror element and went for the pathetic Vampire Psychology 101 nonsense, and it is a horrible duty to mention that this happened under the care of the very creator of this series.  The latter half of the film was completely uninteresting and abandoned all of the creepy elements it had so perfectly set up for the viewer.  Oh well.

Overall, this is a disappointing addition to the “Masters of Horror” series that could have ended up one of the better entries but instead gets my bill as the worst entry of the series.  Not recommended unless you care a lot for vampire-oriented films that lack any real horror.

Rating: 4/10

– I ranked this film #26 out of the 26 entries in my Ranking the “Masters of Horror” Entries post.

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