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Tales From Beyond – 3

Director – Josh Austin, Nate Barlow, Eric Manning, Russel Scott

Cast – Adam West, Jeffrey N. Brown, Elizabeth Abbott, Russell Scott, Svilena Kidess, Torrance Jordan, Kenny Morse, Marlon Hoffman, Eric Manning, Stephen A. Brown, Dina Lynne Morishita, Michelle Kolb, Jeff McDonald, Nate Barlow, Josh Austin, Marlon Hoffman, Claire Kirk

Release Year – 2004

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I ran into this little known flick a few months back and finally decided to give this a watch.  Quite honestly, I can say I was only interested in this film due to veteran actor Adam West’s involvement in it.  Little did I know, it seems he was merely paid to be in this film to cover just how bad it really is.  Yes, it seems even Adam West himself will take roles simply for the money.

Tales From Beyond follows a young couple who wind up in a bookstore as they look for a gift.  The eccentric owner of the store, Jay(Adam West), leads them to a section of his most prized books.  These books are not ordinary books, but books that take the reader through the journey that is printed in its pages.  Jay takes the couple through four different literary works in this pseudo-anthology, which ends with horrific results.

Going into this flick I really had high hopes.  I saw that this film received several awards, including Best Fantasy Feature at Shockerfest Film Festival as well as Best Sci-Fi Feature at Shriekfest Film Festival.  After viewing this flick I cannot fathom how this film won ANY awards other than “Worst Entry at Crap Film Festival”, unless Uwe Bole provided the competition for this film.  The production value for this film is very low, and the poor acting performances by each and every actor other than Adam West in this film will attest to that.  Worsely, the storyline is a boring and uninteresting one that left me unfulfilled even with its moderately cool ending sequence, which I am sure took up the bulk of the film’s already very low budget.  Each of the four stories in this film were uninteresting and did not engage me whatsoever.  The content of the films was OK, and included some elements I had not seen before in the horror realm, but that is all that was good about them, merely the content.  The execution and writing past the basic plot of each segment was horrid and reeked.

Quite honestly, the best aspect of this film is Adam West, and he is merely a character we see for maybe a minute between each segment.  In total, I would not be surprised if his complete on-screen time was less than 10 minutes.  All of his scenes were most likely filmed in one sitting, on one day.  This goes to show he was merely used as a method to sell this film, and if you give this film a watch you can see why even Adam West was not enough to save this one.

Overall, this is an underwhelming and pathetic watch that I do not recommend to anyone despite its “awards” it seems to have won.  That is all.

Rating: 3/10

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