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Cube Zero – 6

Director – Ernie Barbarash

Cast – Zachary Bennett, David Huband, Stephanie Moore, Martin Roach, Terri Hawkes, Richard McMillan, Mike ‘Nug’ Nahrgang, Tony Munch, Michael Riley, Joshua Pierce, Diego Klattenhoff, Alexia Filippeos, Jasmin Geljo

Release Year – 2004

Reviewed by John of the Dead

As of now you know that I am a huge fan of Cube, so naturally this series has gained my interest.  While I did not enjoy the second entry into this series, Cube 2: Hypercube, I went into this final installment(as of now) with the expectation of enjoying this one a bit more than the previous installment, and I did.  While this flick pales in comparison to the first entry we still get an OK amount of mystery, tension, and some cool gore to which makes this an improvement for the series.

Cube Zero follows Eric Wynn(Zachary Bennett), a low-level employee who’s job is to watch over the cube and follow orders, orders from superiors he has never seen.  When he notices a woman inside the “cube” that he learns was possibly kidnapped and thrown in non-consensually, Eric becomes enveloped in helping the “innocent” woman escape.  Her escape will not come easily though, and neither will Eric’s survival when his superiors find out what he is up to.

Well, for starters this flick had my attention right away.  I liked that we were finally given a look into what goes on inside of the cube(sort of) and the different elements play a factor in what the “subjects” go through.  The scene setups for these sequence are great, and are sure to please those into computers and technology, as I am.  The rest of the storyline plays mostly off of Eric and the conflict he feels regarding the woman, named Cassandra(Stephanie Moore).  He knows he will be dealt with harshly for his treason against his company, especially a company that comes with so much secrecy, which he knows never comes with good intentions.  As the film progresses the inner-workings and reasoning behind throwing the “subjects” in the cube expose some potential wrongdoing in the case of Cassandra, and his inner conscience kicks in.  Thankfully, we also get a fair amount of other “subjects” thrown into the mix, which I say helped this film a lot given just Eric and Cassandra as the main characters would have been a borefest without extreme expert execution.

Ernie Barbarash, who co-wrote Cube 2: Hypercube, returns to the series as this film’s sole writer and director.  He gave us a nice visual look for this film that reminded me of the dark yet clear cinematography we were given in Alex Proyas’ Dark City, and it worked well for this film.  Each of the sets we saw was set up very well and had me believing this flick had a very high production value, whether true or not.  His pacing was well done as I was kept engaging by the film throughout its 93 minute runtime.  As I also mentioned earlier, we get some sweet gore that I really was not expecting to see in this flick but gladly welcomed.  Heh.

Despite the good that I have mentioned about this flick, it does come with its negative points.  For one, we are once again given a slew of many characters whom are all unlikable and a waste of space.  It seems to be a recurring theme with this series to use unlikable characters, because even Cube itself had me pretty much rooting against everybody except for the mentally disabled character, because I still have some heart left after all of these years.  Now I do not always need to have likable characters in a film as long as I have an antagonist/villain that I DO like and will root for.  However in films like these where the villain is not only unlikable but somewhat non-existent, I believe we need likeable characters to move the viewer and give them something to root for.  Unfortunately, we get none of that with this film.

Overall, this is an OK watch that showed some improvement in comparison tot eh previous entry into the series but fails to accomplish what the first entry did.  I would only recommend this if you are a fan of the series or maybe just curious about the series and would like to see what other horror lie beyond the walls of the cube.

Rating: 6/10

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