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Gut Pile – 2

Director – Jerry O’Sullivan

Cast – Jeffrey Forsyth, Ron Bonk, Ed Mastin, Bob Licata, Sasha Graham

Release Year – 1997

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Honestly, the biggest reason I was interested in this film was the fact that it involved hunters, which is something we don’t see too often anymore in the horror genre.  Upon reading a bit about this film before the viewing I came across information stating that this flick is a pretty devout ripoff of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, and it is.  Sadly, this is also a really bad film that in no way should be representative of Raimi’s classic.

Gut Pile follows a hunter named Dan who accidentally shoots another man out in the woods.  Instead of reporting the incident to authorities he decides to bury the man’s body, figuring no one will ever discover what happened deep in the woods.  All is well and it seems the incident is behind Dan, until the man’s malevolent spirit decides to exact his revenge after a year of waiting.

It may not sound too much like The Evil Dead from the plot alone, but the attempted execution and many other elements thrown in are devoutly Evil Dead influenced.  The use of the demon was Raimi-esque in cinematography, and the look and feel of the film was a ripoff as well.  Now, you would think that a film ripping off a horror classic would at least maybe be a mediocre watch given most of the hard creative work has been done for them, but that is not the case with this film. Why?  This film is horrible.

Writer/director Jerry O’Sullivan’s amateur effort at a horror film is a complete failure in both writing and direction.  Granted the guy most likely had an insanely low budget, but if I get something in return for that then I can forgive it, but I got nothing from this film except for maybe an appreciation for the mediocre films that look like Citizen Kane compared to Gut Pile.  I could not understand how O’Sullivan somehow thought that his horrendous cameral angles and scene development would come off as nothing other than pathetic, but who knows, maybe he was being chased by a demon himself and had to get the shots off pretty quick.

The writing and acting are horrendous, but that should be expected with this film.  We get pathetic dialogue that led to nowhere in the story and many other needless scenes that I do not think deserve the webspace for me to write about.  All in all this film is just over 50 minutes long(a surprise to me given the description told me 75 minutes) and I was ok with that at first because I figured the film would pace pretty well.  Well, the pacing in this film is horrible and we do not get any decent action until over halfway into the film.  Now when you have a film under an hour in length and it takes you over half the film to get into the action, the film just cannot succeed without superb execution, and as you should know by now this film lacks any and all proper execution.

Overall, stay away from this one at all costs.

Rating: 2/10

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