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Abominable – 6

Director – Ryan Schifrin

Cast – Matt McCoy, Haley Joel, Christien Tinsley, Karin Anna Cheung, Jeffrey Combs, Natalie Compagno, Michael Deak, Paul Gleason, Lance Henriksen, Rex Linn, Ashley Hartman

Release Year – 2006

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Due to my love for ANYTHING having to do with cryptozoology, I have a strong interest in horror films having to do with Bigfoot, The Yeti, Abominable Snowman, etc.  When I randomly came across this film I thought, “oh what the hell, let’s do this” and surprisingly enough this film was not as bad as I expected it to be.  It is nothing special, but it does add a unique twist to the Bigfoot horror sub-genre that I have yet to see.

Abominable follows Preston Rogers, a paraplegic returning to his hometown after his release from a mental institution due to a violent accidental death his wife suffered.  Because Preston is bound to a wheelchair he must stay in his room throughout the day, but is given something to keep him entertained when a group of young women rent the home next door to him for a weekend of fun.  Preston’s curious mind gets the best of him and he decides to watch the girls and see what they are up to, and catches something unlike anything he has ever seen before.  If his eyes are not deceiving him, a giant creature reminiscent of Bigfoot has grabbed one of the girls and taken her into the woods.  He tries to contact several people, including the authorities, but nobody believes his claims.  Sure enough, Bigfoot has come back to consume more humans, and Preston now has a long night ahead of him.

For a film that I believe debuted on the Sci-fi channel, this is a pretty good production.  We get no crappy CGI effects or horrendous acting and instead are given a legitimate film that beats most of the crap they show on that channel.  To make this even cooler, we get a full fledged live-action Bigfoot in this flick that delivers some pretty cool kills and comes with some campy mannerisms as well.  He was not a scary looking Bigfoot, but came of a bit comical to me, which I enjoyed.  Think Hatchet’s Victor Crowley but in Bigfoot form.  Now, to make THAT even cooler, we get some small roles from horror legends Jeffrey Combes and Lance Henriksen.  Personally I would have preferred it if they themselves were the stars of this film, but that was not the case.  Bummer.

Story-wise this film is the usual creature feature, but with a twist I have never seen in a creature feature film…a Rear Window-esque element.  Because Preston is bound to a wheelchair he heavily resembles Jimmy Stewart’s character in Rear Window in which he is witnessing horrible things taking place but can do little about it.  We also got this in the Shia-starring knockoff of Rear Window titled Disturbia a few years back.  While this immobility element is not a new idea, it is a new idea in the realm of creature features, so I found that enjoyable and unique in its own right.

Director Ryan Schifrin did a fine job setting up a creepy atmosphere for the film, and secured a positive feel from me thanks to him settling for a live-action creature and some live-action gore scenes as well.  He definitely put all seriousness aside and simply made this a fun film.  It does not come off as overly cheezy like Peter Jackson’s early works like Dead Alive, but Hatchet-esque in the form of a creature feature.  Nicely done.

Overall, this is a cool watch that does not deliver anything genre bending or overly praise worthy but does enough to be a fun-to-watch creature feature once things get going.  If you like these creature oriented films with a little dash of campy fun then give this one a shot.

Rating: 6/10

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