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Bad Biology – 6

Director – Frank Henenlotter

Cast – Charlee Danielson, Anthony Sneed, Mark Wilson, Staff Sgt. John A. Thorburn, Remedy, Tom Kohut, James Shell, Vivan Sanchez, Jessie Jayne Clancy , R.A. Thorburn, Bjorn Milz, Jedi Mind Tricks

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Most fans of exploitation horror know the name of writer/director Frank Henenlotter, and with good reason.  Henenlotter gave us the classic Basket Case trilogy, as well as other equally zany flicks like Brain Damage and Frankenhooker, and after a near 16 year hiatus(1992-2008) he has returned with Bad Biology…and boy does this guy know how to make an entrance.  Bad Biology comes with one of the craziest plots I have ever seen, and Henenlotter’s gutsy direction makes this a film you will never, EVER, forget.

In this we follow the lives of two sexually repressed young adults who suffer due to genetically mutilated genitals.  Jennifer(Charlie Danielson)’s dilemma is she has a vagina accompanied with 7 clitorises, which leads to deadly results when she attempts coitus.  Jennifer is not alone though, Batz(Anthony Sneed) suffers from having a giant all-powerful heroin addicted penis, which has a mind of its own.  Neither Jennifer nor Batz are aware of each other’s existence at first, however when they meet it leads to the most awful love story of all time.

With a plot like this one you can only go into this film with the expectation of not knowing what you are going to get.  I suffered from this going into the film, but did not mind this one bit.  Personally I enjoyed the mystery of not knowing how things were going to go down, and Henenlotter’s gutsy no-holds-barred direction left me satisfied enough to feel that I saw something I would never forget, whether I enjoyed it or not.

I can tell you right now that 90 percent of this film’s viewers are going to be love/hate with this one.  Devout fans of Henenlotter will appreciate the feel and zaniness of this film, which really comes off very reminiscent of the Duane Bradley character in Basket Case.  It seems Frank really has a feel for these types of repressed and secluded outcast characters because the vast majority of his films focus on such characters, especially this film.  Story-wise we focus pretty much entirely on Jennifer and Batz, in separated fashion until the climax where they (of course) meet.  I would not entirely refer to this film as a character-study because at times it feels like the focus of the film is not the psyche of the character but the mental tarnish that comes as a result of them having such grotesque genitals.  Simply put, the 7-clitted vagina and the huge heroin addicted cock are very strong supporting characters in this film.  Yup, leave it to Henenlotter accompanied by rapper/co-writer R.A. Thorburn(Rugged Man) to come up with that.

So I’ve mentioned Henenlotter’s gutsy direction a few times already, and you might want to know what I mean by that.  Well…prepare yourself.  Frank leaves no stone unturned and satisfies the viewer’s curiosity by showing them Batz’s giant heroin addicted cock doing what it does best, and gives us an inside view of Jennifer’s 7-clitted vagina, along with full frontal nudity of several other “normal” vaginas that suffer attacks from Batz’s giant penis.  Keep in mind all of these scenes are live-action and involve little CGI (if any), so we get the “goods” given to us in awesome fashion.

I really do not have any major faults with this film, but I must say that this is truly an acquired taste and you must have a devout appreciation for these flicks to really enjoy this one.  For me, I enjoyed it enough to feel that I got something about of it and it was not a waste of my time, but I would not refer to this as a classic or an awesome film in general.  That is my take, you get to make your own if you so choose.

Overall, this is a truly unique film thanks to its utterly insane and grotesque plot, which leads to this flick being an acquired taste for those who know what they are getting into.  Henenlotter fans should at the very least find enough joy to leave this on a positive note, but others should be forewarned and use this review to judge for yourself about this one.

Rating: 6/10

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