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Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers – 4

Director – Dominique Othenin-Girard

Cast – Donald Pleasence, Danielle Harris, Ellie Cornell, Beau Starr, Jeffrey Landman, Tamara Glynn, Jonathan Chapin, Matthew Walker, Wendy Foxworth, Betty Carvalho

Release Year – 1989

Reviewed by John of the Dead

After the success of bringing back Michael Myers to the series with Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers, producer and Myers maestro Moustapha Akkad seemed eager to capitalize on the success and put an extreme rush on the next entry into the Halloween series, Halloween 5: The Revenge of Micheal Myers.  Debuting LESS than a year(by one week) after Halloween 4, the studio’s eagerness and potential greed bled through this entry to such an extent that what could have been a great follow-up to a great film turns out to be a mindless mess and one of the worst of the series.

Micheal Myers survives the hot lead of Halloween 4’s climax and after one year in hiding he returns to true form on October 31st, and continues his quest to kill his last known family member…his now 8 year old niece Jamie(Danielle Harris).  Jamie now resides in a children’s hospital thanks to the end events of Halloween 4, and suffers from psychic experiences in which she inhabits the mind of Michael Myers.  Dr. Loomis has assumed the role of her doctor, and despite his desperate attempts to get inside her head she has refused to speak since the night she met Michael.  Soon enough, Michael finds his way to Jamie and begins murdering those who care for her in an attempt to bring Jamie out of the hospital.  The plan works, and another battle between Jamie, Dr. Loomis, and Michael ensues.

When I was younger I remember enjoying this entry enough that I remembered that I enjoyed it back then.  So naturally, when I went into this watch I expected to find maybe just a little less joy(now that I am…smarter) but still come out with a positive experience.  Well…I was wrong.  I really cannot believe just how bad and ridiculous this film turned out.

Pretty much every one of this entry’s problems are story-related, which makes perfect sense given the rush this flick went through to get put into production.  It seems the film’s three writers merely came up with a bunch of underdeveloped ideas and found it fitting to just mash them all together into one big pot and serve with a side of gory kills and think all would be OK.  Well Michael Jacobs, Dominique Othenin-Girard, and Shem Bitterman…you three suck.  The introduction to this film was interesting to say the least, and it gave us one of the best looks of a non-masked Michael Myers, and came with a bit of cheezyness that I liked and could respect.  After that we get nothing but nonsense and horrendous dialogue that even had me unimpressed with Dr. Loomis for the VERY first time.  Yes, sad to say, I did not enjoy Dr. Loomis in this role, and I blame that entirely on how his character was written.  Speaking of characters, he is not the only waste we were given.  Jamie was useless as ever in this one, and I in fact find her more useful in her 10 minutes in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers than in her starring role in this film.  The rest of the characters were worthless and added nothing to the story, including our lead supporting character Tina.  To make matters worse, our three writers somehow found it OK to add in a “Man in Black”(as he was credited) to add some mystery and potential conflict to the story regarding Michael’s background.  This turned out to be a pathetic idea because we get absolutely no information regarding this person whatsoever(until Halloween 6, but I am only referring to this film), and we get nothing worthwhile(or lasting more than 5 seconds) visually from him either.

Direction-wise director Dominique Othenin-Girard put forth a mediocre effort, and was saved from a pathetic effort by the presence of Michael Myers.  Had it not been for Michael alone I think this film should receive half of the sorry rating it is going to receive.  Even the usage of Michael Myers was less than favorable, as his actions and mannerisms were not nearly as enjoyable as they are in every other entry in this series.  I blame this not so much on actor Don Shanks but on director Othenin-Girard for allowing such atrocity to his the screen.  Thankfully, we get a decent amount of gore thrown in and some pretty ferocious kills at the hands of Michael Myers.  Aside from that I really cannot find anything positive about this watch.

Overall, this is a poor effort that remains one of the worst in the series thanks to the filmmakers putting a rush on this one in a cheap attempt to cash in on Halloween 4.  Had the studio taken their time and put ingenuity over $$$ then this could have been an awesome watch, but that is far from the case.  Once again…blame Hollywood.

Rating: 4/10

  1. jazz
    October 29, 2010 at 3:33 pm

    Congrats to Michael Myers for being this week’s Rogue of the Week. http://bit.ly/dwQIc6

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