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Genesis – 7

Note: This film shares the same DVD release as its counterpart, Aftermath, therefore they share the same poster.

Director – Nacho Cerda

Cast – Pep Tosar, Trae Houlihan

Release Year – 1998

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Genesis is the follow up short film to Spanish writer/director Nacho Cerda’s 1994 gore/necro short film, Aftermath.  While this flick does not head in the same shocking and gory direction that Aftermath did, Genesis focuses more on real scares and creepiness, which I found very enjoyable in this surprisingly romantic horror film.
In this watch we follow a sculptor who recently lost his wife in a deadly car accident.  For remembrance of her he has taken on a new sculpting project…to sculpt an entire replica of his deceased love.  He completes his masterpiece, but things turn awry when her statue begins to crack and in a sign of life…bleed.  This baffles the sculptor, but things only get worse when he too begins to suffer unworldly effects.

Well, Nacho Cerda strikes again with another visual masterpiece accompanied with a captivating story.  As I mentioned earlier, this watch focuses more on true scares and spook rather than shock and gore like its predecessor, and I enjoyed that Cerda showed that he can also make a good horror film that does not rely on shocking elements.

Cerda’s execution is top-notch, and he managed to give me a few spooks thanks to that.  We also get an amazing musical score that definitely was the highest contributing factor for setting the dark mood and atmosphere this film delivered, which was a huge reason why this flick had my devout attention from the get-go.  While we do not get a ton of gore in this watch, we do get some amazing life-action effects that only made this solid film even more enjoyable.

Story-wise there is a lot more substance in this flick than in Aftermath, and I liked that.  Once again we get a silent character that mutters no words, and once again this character and storyline intrigued me thanks to its subject matter.  Grief is a powerful emotion that most of us human beings seem to overlook, both in horror films as well as real life.  Our protagonist’s grief weighs heavy on him, and that brings on the romantic element of this flick that I really did not see coming, but gladly accepted and appreciated.  We even get an ending sequence that was highly gratifying, yet sad and beautiful at the same time.  It was not something that I saw coming, but was not so much of a twist-ending, just an ending that I did not see coming right away.  I would go further into this piece, but this being only a 29 minute film I do not have any more room to speak on it without giving away some big spoilers.

Overall, this is another great short horror film from Spanish writer/director Nacho Cerda that delivers a few good spooks(a good amount for a 29 minute film) and a nice romantic element that should be gratifying even to us romantically-inferior horror fans.  Definitely recommended.

Rating: 7/10

  1. mikey
    June 19, 2012 at 7:43 am

    this one was soo disturbing…..

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