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Triangle – 8

Director – Christopher Smith

Cast – Melissa George, Joshua McIvor, Jack Taylor, Michael Dorman, Henry Nixon, Rachael Carpani, Emma Lung, Liam Hemsworth, Bryan Probets

Release Year – 2009

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Don’t you just love it when you go into a film with somewhat low expectations, then leave flabbergasted at how well the experience went?  Well that happened to me with this film, which I had not even heard of until recently.  I was very surprised that I had not at the very least “heard” of this 2009 film until recently because when I did a little bit of research before viewing I saw that this had been rated well by my horror colleagues.  Well, I was not sure to expect with this flick and the plot I had read(a very condensed overview of the plot) and in a way I really am glad that I underestimated this one due to that great “hidden gem” feeling we horror hounds get with such flicks.

Triangle stars Melissa George(30 Days of Night, Turistas, The Amityville Horror(remake), Mulholland Drive, Dark City) as Jess, a single mother facing the hardships of raising a “special needs” child.  One Saturday she joins her good friend Tommy for a boating trip with a few of his friends.  At first she appears odd and uneasy about the trip and cannot put a finger on the reason why.  Nonetheless the group continues on having a good time…until the wind powering the sails dies down completely, and a terrible storm arrives seemingly out of nowhere.  The storm ravages the boat, and leaves the friends grasping on for dear life…until an old cruise liner passes by.  They board the old, seemingly abandoned boat, and Melissa’s odd feelings worsen when she realizes that she has been on the boat before, and with dire intentions.

It is very rare that a horror film forces me to think so darn much, so I really enjoyed that about this one.  You know the types of movies that leave you thinking about what just happened 30 minutes after the climax?  Well, surprisingly enough Triangle did that for me, and thankfully with a storyline that was engaging yet not overly convoluted to where I was having problems following along.

Director Christopher Smith(Creep, Severance)’s direction in this one is well done, and he superbly executes the twists and turns this flick gives us with nice camerawork and good editing.  It will be obvious to the viewer that this is a low-budget film, but do not let that turn you off.  I was very surprised at the production value of such a flick, especially the usage of the CGI in scenes where live-action events were just not possible.  Usually in these low-budget flicks the CGI is horrendous and obviously fake, but the CGI in this one comes off very real and is in fact captivating at some points.  Another big surprise of mine was how well this film paced, especially given its content.  For a film you really have to pay attention to in order to understand, it paced very well and did not leave me feeling there were any dull moments, which is usually a staple of such flicks.

While Christopher Smith did a good job with his direction(as usual), it is the storyline that steals the show with this watch.  At first I was a bit iffy on all of the mystery that was going on during the first act.  Jess comes off quite shady as to what she has going on in her mind, and we are left with the same feeling of shadyness until things really kick in.  Thankfully my shadyness was exhausted by how great things got, instead of another lame take on the Bermuda Triangle.  The reference to the Bermuda Triangle to this flick is very subtle and does not detriment from what really matters in this flick, and I dug that.  I really was not expecting for this watch to come so darn complex, but thankfully Mr. Smith wrote this to where you must pay attention but everything still makes sense in the end without some gigantic plot-holes or open-ended scenarios.  I will not go too far into the plot because I do not wish for you to receive any spoilers from me, because the shock of seeing what is really going on in this film is what made it fun and enjoyable for me.  Let’s just say this is one of the very best horror films to focus on déjà vu and alternate dimensions.

Overall, this is an awesome horror film that for once makes the viewer THINK.  Coupled with great direction and a unique sense of “horror”, this is a film you will not forget soon after viewing thanks to how plausible the subject matter is.

Rating: 8/10

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