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Creature – 4

Director – William Malone

Cast – Stan Ivar, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe, Diane Salinger, Annette McCarthy, Marie Laurin, Klaus Kinski

Release Year – 1985

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I have never been a fan of horror writer/director William Malone, mainly because I dislike his execution, which has lead to such horrible films like the House on Haunted Hill remake, and Feardotcom.  I was however impressed with his entry into the “Masters of Horror” series(Malone, a master? Pfft), Fair Haired Child, and his most recent film, Parasomnia, showed some promise, I decided to give his second film Creature a watch.  This incredibly low-budget horror/sci-fi feast interested me with its plot and potential creature action, and while Malone’s direction was OK for the type of film this is, the storyline is a mess, a HUGE mess.

Creature follows a crew of scientists who lead an expedition to the far off planet Titan to recover ancient archaic artifacts that have been discovered there.  When they arrive they encounter problems that lead to a crash landing, and upon discovering that their German enemies beat them to the planet they seek their assistance.  The scientists soon realize that their German enemies have fallen victim to an unknown force, and they are next on the list.

To be quite honest, I really felt that I could come out with a positive experience from this low-budget flick from a director I really do not care for.  Why?  Well I thought the 80s cheese mixed with creature action IN SPACE would give me just what I was looking for.  While we did get some cheesy creature action, I was dumfounded over how really…dumb this script is.

I liked the idea of the team of scientists exploring a far-off planet in search of archaic artifacts, so the overall plot was not a problem for me.  What I disliked was how the characters were employed, especially their dialogue.  If you want to gather up a group of friends, open some brews, and laugh at a film’s ridiculous dialogue then this is your watch.  I also did not enjoy how the creature was allowed to use mind control and pass from person to person.  With such a cheesy premise I expected just an outright creature feature, but that was not the case.

As far as direction goes Malone did an OK job for what this film is worth.  I expected cheese, and I got cheese, especially regarding the usage of the creature.  I love live-action creature effects, good and bad, and in regards to the creature in this film the effects were BAD, but in the best of ways.  He basically looked like an updated form of Godzilla, including how he was employed, which was obviously someone inside a flimsy suit.  Yeah, it was awesome in the funniest of ways.

Overall, this is a weak film that should most likely be avoided by all, yet some can find some appreciation at how you are guaranteed to find many unintentional laughs in this one, but be sure and have a good “buzz” going on first.

Rating: 4/10

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