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Top 10 Horror Movies of 2007

Often overlooked nowadays due to the awesome Let The Right One In debuting in 2008, the year 2007 provided some great horror films, including several that made my Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade list, including the No. 1 spot.  Each of the horror films listed comes with their own unique elements of horror, many of which will leave their mark on the genre for eons.  I now give you the top 10 horror movies of 2007, and 5 honorable mentions.

10. 30 Days of Night

– Based on the successful 2002 comic series of the same title, 30 Days of Night brought some great TRUE vampire action one year before the Twilight onslaught of crap hit theaters.  Taking advantage of a unique phenomena that occurs in northern Alaska in which they are exposed to a month of complete darkness, this film provides the perfect atmosphere for unrelenting vampire carnage, and that is exactly what we get.  The vamps are ruthless, vile, and deliver the utmost amount of gore in this watch from David Slade(Hard Candy), who in fact went on to direct…of all films…Twilight: Eclipse.

9. Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

– This film simply came out of nowhere in 2007, and proved to be one of the most fun and genre-esque films of the year.  Weighing in heavily in the revenge department, we watch Jack fight off a slew of awesome monsters in this pseudo shout-out to The Evil Dead as he seeks vengeance against any and all monsters after witnessing one slay his family at a young age.  Co-starring Robert Englund and bringing on awesome live-action FX, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer is a film fans of 80s horror are bound to enjoy, and who doesn’t love 80s horror?  Read my full review for this film here: Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer

8. My Name Is Bruce

– Bruce?  Yeah, BRUCE!  Bruce Campbell and his chin have graced numerous horror films since his epic debut in Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead, so it was only fitting that a film simply about Bruce, being mistaken for the horror hero that he IS, would come about.   Directed by Bruce Campbell himself this film provides all of the hilarious and classic Bruce chatter that has made him a household name in the horror community.  Coupled with a fun story and numerous shout-outs to his crappiest films, this is an AWESOME watch for fans of his, which is pretty much the entire world of horror.  Read my full review for this film hereMy Name Is Bruce

7. Frontier(s)

– The French have been putting out some great horror this past decade, and Frontier(s) was one of the first French films that I truly fell in love with.  Definitely the greatest Horrorfest film of all time(I still cannot believe this is a Horrorfest film), Frontier(s) is France’s The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and comes with excellent direction from breakout director Xavier Gens.  The gore is prevalent and reigns high in this piece, and the film’s closing sequences are some of the most awesome, artistic ending sequences I have ever experienced.  Read my full review for this film here: Frontier(s)

6. 28 Weeks Later

– The obvious sequel to Danny Boy’s epic 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later ups the “infected” chaos and throws in a heavier action element to make for one hell of a horror experience.  The film takes off quick, and thanks to some well executed “infected” action the tension never truly relents.  What would be worse than an outbreak of the “rage” virus inside a large city?  I’ll tell you what is worse, being quarantined inside that large city, with no way out, and bloodthirsty savages at every corner.  Read my full review here: 28 Weeks Later

5. The Orphanage

– Spain seems to have a fascination with ghost stories involving sick, battered, or orphaned children, and this flick plays on that.  Thankfully, Spain also has a knack for putting out great horror films, and this is one truly great horror film.  This beautifully shot and very atmospheric Guillermo del Toro produced film comes complimented with a great story, and includes some genuine chills that add some originality to this often used sub-genre.  Read my full review for this film here: The Orphanage

4. Inside

Inside gives us horror fans something we RARELY see in the genre EVER…female vs. female horror.  Countless times we are given a female being stalked by a male, but in this film we get a devout slasher film with a woman vehemently stalked by another woman who wants one thing…her victims’ unborn child.  Filled with insane gore, and the utmost tension possible, Inside is a rare treat that will stand the test of time as one of the better slasher films ever made thanks to the unique elements thrown in.  Read my full review for this film here: Inside

3. Planet Terror

– Horror “cool” veteran Robert Rodriguez’s zombie shout-out to the old drive-in grindhouse films of the 70s turned out to be possibly the most fun horror film of the year.  The “cheeze” reigns high, the gore is prevalent, and we get many memorable scenes that come as a result of the insane antics from our insane and colorful characters.  Oh, and his zombies don’t run either, always a good thing.  For a no-brainer film to be so high on this list it must be damn awesome, and it is.  Read my full review for this film here: Planet Terror

2. The Mist

– Frank Darabont’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s 1980 novella of the same name brought us one of the greatest experiences of true horror imaginable, and in unique fashion.  Much like John Carpenter’s 1980 classic, The Fog, there is just something overly creepy about an ashy presence appearing out of nowhere, and harboring many horrors within it.  This film is so much more than just a monster movie, and while the element of horror in regards to the creatures in the “mist” is high, the real horror lies in something we can all relate to…human beings.  We are exposed to the true horror of what goes on when we humans are faced with circumstances outside of our control, and Drabont expertly portrays the chaos that would ensue if we were faced with such a dilemma.  When 911 is useless, and the machines stop working, we will all look for a leader to “save” us…and that is when the horror begins.

1. REC

– This Spanish horror film shocked the horror realm by giving us the greatest horror experience of last decade, as well as for the year of 2007.  We have been given multiple films using the POV style filmmaking, and none of them have hit nearly as hard as this film has.  Excellent direction from the Jaume Balaguero/Paco Plaza duo makes for great and truly genuine scares, and delivers a fast-moving watch.  REC gives us an interesting take on the “infected” horror sub-genre by throwing in a fantastic demon possession element, thereby mixing two awesome ideas into one cohesive and truly scary film.  Read my full review for this film here: REC

Honorable Mentions

(Close But Not Good Enough)


– Once again a Stephen King adaptation makes the list, and once again it comes with great execution and good horror.  Hotels can be scary places due to the mystery involved of what potential horrors may have occurred previously in the very room you are in, and this watch takes that to all new levels with John Cusack starring as a haunted hotel novelist looking to debunk the horror behind the infamous room 1408 hidden atop The Dolphin hotel.  The horrors in the hotel are truly horrific if you put yourself in his shoes, and the psychological torment reigns high in this one.  Read my full review for this film here: 1408


– Once again, another HOTEL oriented film.  Well, this one leans more towards a motel, which most would say is even creepier.  Horror films with hotel owners moonlighting as killers are not new to the genre, yet director Nimrod Antal(Predators) managed to give us an engaging watch that kept the tension high and expertly executed all of the right clichés.  Most of the times these films do not center around making snuff films and merely focus on a deranged owner, so that ups the ante with this flick and provides for some good chills at times as well.  Read my full review for this film here: Vacancy

Dead Silence

– Finally, a horror film that focuses on one thing sure to scare anyone and anything…dummies.  These types of horror films are truly rare, so my anticipation for this film was high, and coupled with the fact it comes to us from Saw director James Wan and Saw writer Leigh Whannel I expected a good watch…and it was.  The horror clichés are fun and used properly, and while we did not get as much dummy action as I wanted the dummies provided a nice high level of creepiness and of course thanks to this filmmaking duo…we get a climax you never see coming.  Read my full review for this film here: Dead Silence

End of the Line

End of the Line is the only truly independent horror film to make the list, and it got no preference for being in indie film, just a sweet horror film.  Apocalypse films have been done before, but this one gives much tension regarding Evangelism and the “end times” and comes with some nice spooky creature action as well.  Much like The Mist, we get a strong social breakdown element that comes as a result of human beings having no control over the end of the world, which some would argue is not a bad idea.  Read my full review for this film here: End of the Line

The Signal

– While I did not enjoy this film as much as many others did, I have no problem admitting that it is a unique and creative watch, and that earned it a spot on this list.  Broken up into three segments, each with a different director, The Signal really does come off as three separate films, but with one cohesive story.  I do believe that the first act is one of the better apocalypse/infected opening sequences I have seen in the genre, and while the film did not continue that look and feel(as I wished it would have) the rest of the film places heavily on society’s love/need for the television, and how warped we can become as a result of it.  Social commentary is high, and thankfully, we get some good horror as well.  Read my full review for this film here: The Signal

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