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Special Post: Top 10 Horror Movies of 2006

2006 proved to a great year for the horror genre, providing 7 of the 50 films that made my Top 50 Horror Movies of the Decade post.  Most seem to overlook the year of 2006 due to the great films that debuted in 2007, but luckily this proved to be a solid year for us horror fans.

10. Slither

Slither brings back the feel of the glorious 80s horror films that bring much laughter, gore, and insane antics to the screen.  Great direction leads this film to be a fun and enjoyable watch, and although the story is pretty much a blatant rip-off of the 1986 classic Night of the Creeps it still delivers it’s own take on the same storyline and comes with copious amounts of gore and live-action effects as well.  For fans of cheezy no-brainer flicks that deliver heavy on the “goods” this is a must-watch.  Read my full review for this film here: Slither

9. Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

– This is the first Troma film to hit the horror scene HARD since their 1982 claim to fame The Toxic Avenger.  The usual Lloyd Kaufman antics are heavily present in this watch, and it makes for the most ridiculous horror film on this list, and one that is respectable for its ridiculous material, a feat hard to come by.  I can honestly say that I have never come across a horror film centering on zombie chickens, and unlike most other ridiculously plotted low-budget flicks this one is a hilarious and awesome watch that brings us immense levels of gore, and classic zombie(chicken) action.  Read my full review for this film here: Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead

8. Saw 3

Saw 3 closed out the original Saw trilogy, and posed as the last “great” Saw film.  Definitely the most tension-filled film in the series, Saw 3 holds a special place in the franchise as (unofficially) the first Saw film that Saw haters enjoyed.  Darren Lynn Bousman does a fantastic job executing this film(as he did with Saw II and IV), and the story comes with the usual twists and turns that you never see coming.  This is definitely where the series should have ended, which should shed light on the film’s awesome climax.  Read my full review for this film here: Saw 3

7. Silent Hill

– One of the most well-known horror video games of all time, the adaptation of Silent Hill came as no surprise due to the adaptations of Resident Evil and Doom, and this film beats them both.  The dark and gloomy visual tone of the film is beautifully brought to screen by director Christophe Gans(Brotherhood of the Wolf, Necronomicon: Book of the Dead) and thankfully the film comes with some greatly executed horror as well.  While we get a bit more CGI than I wished to see, the action and gore is top notch, and the scariest elements of the video game are brought to us on-screen as well.  Read my full review for this film here: Silent Hill

6. The Host

– This first feature film since his incredible Memories of Murder, South Korean director Joon-ho Bong brought us one of the better giant monster films of recent years with The Host.  Centering on a true event that destroyed US-South Korean relations in the 1980s, The Host brings us some of the best monster carnage I have ever seen in a film.  Beautifully shot and well executed, we get some mind numbingly awesome scenes sure to leave  you with goose bumps, including what I feel to be one of horror’s greatest scenes of all time…the “Han River” scene.  We hardly get giant monster films these days, and the ones that we do get are iffy at best(aside from the positive Cloverfield), but thankfully The Host provides for an enjoyable and awe-inducing watch.  Read my full review for this film here: The Host

5. Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

– This film has notched itself forever in the realms of slasher lore with its fun pseudo-documentary take on Leslie Vernon, a “slasher” who allows a documentary crew to film him as he explains the tactics of a slasher, and takes them on a ride they soon regret boarding.  Much like the 1992 French film Man Bites Dog, which follows the same idea, we get some great laughs and good tension-filled scenes thanks to a superb job by writer/director Scott Glosserman.  To make matters cooler, we get numerous shout-outs to the three greatest slashers of all time, Jason Vorhees, Micheal Myers, and Freddy Krueger, as Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon does for the slasher sub-genre what Shaun of the Dead did for the zombie sub-genre.  Read my full review for this film here: Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

4. Death Note

– The obvious live-action adaptation of the extremely popular anime series of the same name, Death Note is my favorite film on this list, and with good reason.  We get a fantastic story involving a young man yearning to do his part in keeping the world safe, who one day stumbles upon a notebook which allows him to end the life of anyone he desires…a Death Note.  As he earns vigilante status for ending the lives of criminals who get off the hook, he is forced to do battle with those lawfully assigned to catch him, which forces him to do evil things.  To make matters cooler, a brilliant young man is brought in to help locate the vigilante, which proves to be the ultimate cat and mouse game between two of the most powerful minds on Earth.  The storyline is what really sells this film, and I found it so engaging that I never once felt the film drag or become overly slow despite its 2 hour runtime.  Fantastic direction and from Shusuke Kaneko(Necronomicon: Book of the Dead) helps sell this film, which although it is not the best HORROR film on this list, it is definitely the best FILM overall listed here.  Read my full review for this film here: Death Note

3. Hatchet

– Writer/director Adam Green’s  debut horror film Hatchet has remained one of the best, if not the best tongue and cheek horror film of last decade, and rightfully so.  Not only is the level of campyness the highest I have seen since a late 80s horror film, but we get a truly incredible slasher in…Victor Crowley.  The deaths and gore that result from Victor Crowley’s rage and anger are incredible to watch, and we get some good comedy as well thanks to a few colorful characters in this obvious homeage to 80s American horror.  This may be the most fan-loved horror film on this list, and while some may argue that this film should rank higher, I will not argue against the fact that this is the most fun film on this list.  Read my full review for this film here: Hatchet

2. The Hills Have Eyes(remake)

– In a time of numerous remakes, it was no surprise that this remake of Wes Craven’s 1977 film came about, but unlike most recent horror remakes…this one surpasses the original.  Writer/director Alejandre Aja(High Tension, Mirrors, Pirahna 3-D) brought on heavy levels of tension in this film, which is the main reason why this flick got the bump over Hatchet for the #2 spot on this list.  While the tension is high, we also get awesome carnage at the hands of the antagonists, good character usage, and numerous kill scenes that bleed awesomeness.  I remember being very surprised at how much the filmmakers were able to squeeze into this film’s R-rated theatrical release, and if you get your hands on the Unrated edition the carnage is even sweater.  Read my full review for this film here: The Hills Have Eyes(remake)

1. Them

– This under-appreciated French gem blows past each of the films on this list in regards to HORROR, and that is why Them receives the title of the Best Horror Film of 2006.  Relying little on gore, Them focuses on tension and intensity alone and for 76 minutes provides a truly haunting watch that leaves the viewer feeling that you can never be truly safe at home.  Shadows, atmosphere, and camerawork provide the majority of the scares in this film, which come in at an alarming pace when things get going.  For a horror film to rely little on gore and absolute violence yet still come off as a supreme watch gains much respect from me, which makes this not only the best horror film of the year, but the most respectable as well.  In fact, the 2008 film The Strangers is a pseudo remake of this film.  Read my full review for this film here: Them

Honorable Mentions

(Good But Not Good Enough)


– Christopher Smith(Creep, Triangle, Black Death)’s sophomore film put him on the map as a talented horror director harboring much potential, and this UK horror/comedy gave us that quirky style of comedy the Brits utilize so well, and it works well with the horror involved in this one.  Coming off as “The Office” of the horror genre, we get some great genuine laughs, good gore, and some original ideas thrown into this often used “backwoods survival” horror film.  Read my full review for this film here: Severance

The Gravedancers

The Gravedancers emerged as the best and scariest film from the original 2006 After Dark Horrorfest, and still to this day I believe this film to be the scariest Horrorfest entry yet.  No-name director Mike Mendez did a fantastic job with such a low-budget in using good cinematography and excellent lighting to awesomely executed supreme horror.  The level of horror in such a low-budget and lesser-known film is surprising, and his usage of the ghosts in the film, the scariest I have EVER seen, was top notch.  I can honestly say that I have never seen a horror film with a plot like this one, and that counts as merit as well.  Read my full review for this film here: The Gravedancers

Cold Prey

– This Norwegian slasher film came out of nowhere in 2006 most likely due to the fact that we do not get many Norwegian horror films here in the States, and thankfully this one came with a very positive experience.  Slasher films taking place in the frozen tundra are not common in the genre, and this film takes full advantage of such an atmosphere given its isolated and nowhere-to-run scenario the protagonists are thrown into.  Cool kills and a unique slasher make this a fun watch, and one of the better foreign horror films of the year.  Read my full review for this film here: Cold Prey


Wilderness is a film that snuck by under the radar for me, and regretfully so.  I have always been a fan of survivalist films, and when you mix that with horror the film just becomes even more awesome, and that is the case with this one.  We follow a group of worthless youths who are forced to do battle with a well-trained killer out for revenge for an act they committed against a weak and lonely individual.  Director Michael J. Bassett(Solomon Kane) brings on awesome tension and great and gory kills which are sure to please fans of vengeance like me, because who doesn’t like watching a bunch of scoundrels get what they deserve?  Read my full review for this film here: Wilderness

The Lost

– Adapted from Jack Ketchum’s novel of the same name, The Lost is an awesome horror film thanks much to its truly cunning and psychotic killer.  In this film we get one of the most unique killers I have ever seen, with numerous mannerisms that bleed psychosis, yet a killer that smart and very manipulative.  Watching this brash antagonist do his work and laugh in the face of authority is awesome and in fact quite scary to watch, and writer/director Chris Sivertson(Wicked Lake) does a fantastic job bringing Ketchum’s incredible serial-killer to life.  Read my full review for this film here: The Lost

Other Notable Horror Films of 2006

(click the poster for the film’s review)

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  1. Frank Voorlaaier
    August 29, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Hey… I might be a tad bit late to the party here, but just want to say ‘AWESOME LIST’. As a pure aficionado and true fan of the horror genre, it’s always exciting to read about films that have completely flown past the radar. Most of these I have seen, but the ones I haven’t, I surely will soon. For that, sir, I thank ye.

    Keep the crimson flowing!

    • August 29, 2011 at 3:25 pm

      Thanks Frank, I’m glad you gave my list the time of day and found the same joy in it that I do in lists of the same nature. I love coming across films that went by under the radar and are thankfully good ones as well, which is most of the purpose of these lists that I do. If you have the time, check out my Top 100 Horror Movies of the Decade lists. I will be continually updating them as I come across more films that I missed, and am planning to do so very soon.

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