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See No Evil – 4

Director – Gregory Dark

Cast – Glenn Jacobs, Christina Vidal, Michael J. Pagan, Samantha Noble, Steven Vidler, Cecily Polson, Luke Pegler, Rachael Taylor, Penny McNamee, Craig Horner, Mikhael Wilder, Tiffany Lamb, Sam Cotton

Release Year – 2006

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This is a film I really did not have much interest in seeing, mainly because 1. This is a film from WWE Films, which just does not sound right AT ALL, and 2. It just looked crappy.  Well, my desire to find new and unique slashers/killers finally got the best of me and I decided to give this one a watch and see what Kane could do, but despite large amounts of gore and a spooky setting, this film is absolute crap thanks to its filmmakers.

In See No Evil we follow two groups of delinquent juveniles, one group of young men, the other of young women.  As an incentive to knock a month of time off of their sentence they accept an offer to spend 3 days cleaning an old hotel managed by a sweet old woman.  Despite the hotel’s creepy appearance, the real horror lies within the walls of the old hotel.  A brutal killer who survived what was believe to be a kill shot from one of the very officers escorting the juveniles is residing within his numerous hidden compartments within the walls, and one by one he begins to pick off all those who have trespassed onto his property in an act of religious cleansing.

I really should have expected nothing less than crap when I saw this film came from WWE Films.  Written by one of the creators of WWE, and directed by a porn director known for his Between The Cheeks trilogy, I should have simply known better.

With most films that receive negative ratings from me there is usually nothing positive from both writing and direction, and that is the case with this one.  While the story and dialogue is crap, I have to say that the direction job from Gregory Dark is one of the most pathetic I have seen in quite a while.  His choppy and un-likeable camerawork was obviously appealing to the brainless teens this R-rating film was somehow aimed at.  Remember the horrible camerawork from Saw V?  Well, this camerawork follows the same trail, but is much worse.  Thankfully, we do get some pretty good gore and kills at the hands of our killer Jacob Goodnight(Kane).  Kane definitely stole the show in this one, although I really think he could have been used to much higher potential as far as execution/direction goes.  He came off too lifeless for such a demented killer, and was pretty much worthless eye candy for whichever slasher fan decided to give this a watch.  To make matters even worse, we have one of the most pathetic ending sequences I have ever seen in the horror genre.  I am talking about a COMPLETELY CGI sequence in which not only the surrounding elements were CGI(which is OK if necessary, as in Silent Hill) but even Jacob Goodnight himself was generated via CGI, which pretty much looked like the sequence came from a video game.  NOT KIDDING.

Story-wise the overall film is decent, but the screenplay itself is horrendous.  I had no problem with seeing a bunch of bratty kids hacked up as they clean and old creepy hotel, but I DID have a problem with the horrendous dialogue and useless character play that came from Dan Madigan’s script.  Most of the great crappy slasher films are simple in nature but come with some fun and respectable elements thrown in, but this crappy slasher film is simply cheap, cheap cheap cheap.  If Dan Madigan told me that he wrote the script in an hour, I would not doubt him one bit.  While the dialogue is bad, I was very surprised at how the characters were used.  I did enjoy that we got into the killing action pretty early on, but it was the selection of characters killed so early on that bothered me.  For instance, one of the leading characters that has(or should have) a heavy role in the film is killed off very early, which I did not like one bit.  I can understand if this was done for shock value, but story gets preference over shock value each and every time, and that was unforgivable in this film.  A good example of this idea being used properly is the opening sequence to Feast, in which someone we believe to be a lead character is killed off very early, which did not hurt the film one bit given it was too early for the character to mean anything.  That was a case of shock value being thrown at us, but the story still held preference over the shock value.

Overall, this is a horrible film from some horrible filmmakers that I do not recommend to anyone at all.  If you have absolutely nothing to do on a very boring night then I suggest you try and fall asleep or something, but do not think you can use this film as a means to bore yourself to sleep, it will only anger you.

Rating: 4/10

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