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Autopsy – 5

Director – Adam Gierasch

Cast – Jessica Lowndes, Robert Patrick, Jenette Goldstein, Michael Bowen, Robert LaSardo, Ross Kohn, Ashley Schneider, Arcadiy Golubovich, Ross McCall, Gregg Brazzel

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I lost faith in the Horrorfest series after the first slew of films back in 2006, but because I have plans to develop a post ranking all of the Horrorfest flicks…I had to see Autopsy, which I was not very interested in.  Unsurprisingly, Autopsy was not a good watch in my honest and fair opinion due to its unfavorable cheesiness and clichés, but it does deliver some nice gore that will leave gorehounds like me with a not-so-bad taste in their mouth at the film’s climax.

Autopsy follows a group of friends experiencing Louisiana’s Mardis Gras festival for the first time, and after suffering an auto wreck they are taken to a low-end hospital in the middle of nowhere.  They are suspicious of the awkward medical staff, but nothing will prepare them for what awaits them.  An accomplished yet diabolical doctor is butchering people to accomplish a radical medical experiment, and he has just come across the perfect specimens…naïve young adults.

You know that cliché horror film with bad acting, bad writing, and bad execution?  Well for the most part…that is Autopsy.  Director and co-writer Adam Gierasch has a knack for being involved with bad films like Crocodile, Crocodile 2: Death Swamp, Mother of Tears, Mortuary, The Toolbox Murders remake, and Rats(aka Killer Rats), and to make matters worse, his other co-writer for the film, Jace Anderson, is also involved with these bad films.  The storyline is nothing special, but that is never really a bad thing as long as you include some neat elements and execute them well.  That never really happened in this film, and the best element written into the flick is the awesome gore…and even that could not save the experience and merely brought it up to mediocre levels at best.  We get nothing but unlikable character, both protagonists and antagonists, and the dialogue between them only made things worse.

As far as directing goes Mr. Gierasch did not do well in executing what was brought to screen, and left me wishing this film was over about 30 minutes into the watch.  So why the 5-rating and now a lower rating?  Well, because he did manage to throw in some decent horror at times.  We get a few good jump scares that I really did not see coming, and while I will always think that jump scares are cheap they did help the film appeal to me at least a little bit, so I’ll take them as horror.  Also, as I mentioned earlier, we do get some good gore thrown in, with nearly all of it coming in the live-action variety.  It seems the film focal/selling point was the gore, and while it did not save the film it at least gave me something to marvel at until the film’s 84 minute (thank God!) runtime hit its final mark.  I will admit that one scene towards the end of the film (where our main actress finds her missing boyfriend) was fantastic, and definitely one of the coolest horror scenes that I have ever seen.  Is it worth watching this film for?  I wouldn’t say so, but if you do decide to give this flick a watch it is a nice consolation for the pain and suffering you get during the horrendous first and second acts.

Overall, this is a mediocre watch that really is not a good film but saves itself a bit with some awesome gore and decent horror at times.  If you have nothing better to do then this may be an OK watch, but my best bet is for you to ignore this one.

Rating: 5/10

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