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Blood Car – 7

Director – Alex Orr

Cast – Mike Brune, Anna Chlumsky, Katie Rowlett, Matt Hutchinson, Marla Malcolm, Mr. Malt

Release Year – 2007

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Blood Car is a film that I had never heard of until just a few days ago, and after reading its uniquely insane plot I decided this was a flick that I had to get my hands on, and I am glad that I did.  Low-budget horror has a special place in every horror fan’s heart because our horror heroes got their start in such films, and they are usually the most fun to watch due to the creativity and ingenuity that must be furnished by the filmmakers in order to deliver a good watch.  Well, Blood Car solidifies itself as one of the very best and most fun low-budget horror films of the millennium, and delivers the goods in well-shot and awesome fashion.

In a day and age where gas prices are nearing $40 a gallon, vegan loser Archie Andrews(Mike Brune) begins work on a car that runs on a common vegan item, wheatgrass.  When Archie mistakenly learns that his car will run on blood, a series of unfathomable events ensue in which Archie continues his work on his blood-fueled car, leaving no person nor neighborhood pet safe from Archie’s thirst to keep his car, now a chick magnet, running.

If you are looking for that next insane and quirky horror film that delivers a zany plot with awesome execution then Blood Car is sure to satisfy your needs.  Going into this watch without a serious state of mind will be critical towards your enjoyment of this film, and an appreciation for the low-budget side of horror is always recommended.

Blood Car’s story is a genius one, and is definitely one of the better films to focus on environmental issues.  Films like The Thaw and Tooth & Nail took a serious approach to global warming and fossil fuels, and Blood Car pisses on both of those films by giving us the opposite approach, and with much better results.  We are immediately thrown into the kooky world people are forced to live in due to the extremely high prices of gas, with young people forced to go to junkyards in order to have sex in cars, one of many clever and witty elements thrown into this laughter-filled 76 minute watch.  Watching Archie struggle in his attempts to fuel his car was awesome, and writer/director Alex Orr’s screenplay, co-written with Adam Pinney was tight and kept the film going at a positive pace.  Once Archie develops a formula for delivering fresh blood to his car via the awesome invention of a meat grinder built into his trunk and secured into his gas line, things really get going and grabs the attention of a secret government agency developing a blood car of their own.  I honestly did not favor the third act of the film, which included the most usage of the government agency, but in the end the film had already solidified itself as a solid watch, and the third act did little to damage that.

Alex Orr’s direction is top-notch, and he delivers many favorable elements that make Blood Car a fun film to watch.  His camerawork and cinematography is uniquely engaging, his musical score is fun and quirky, and he executes his characters to mirror the kooky world they are forced to live in due to the high gas prices.  Orr manages to include a nice campy feel to the film as well, with numerous awesome kills and plenty of tits and sexual action to satisfy those of you freaks who require a little more than a good story to get your rocks off.  Oh, and to top off his awesome direction…we get plenty of gory goods as well.  This should not come as a surprise to  you given the film’s blood-fueled plot, but I had to make a note of it due to how well executed the gore and kill scenes were, a nice finishing touch to an awesome debut full-length film from Alex Orr.

Overall, Blood Car is an awesome watch that delivers a truly unique plot complimented with good comedy, plenty of zany fun, and awesome kills as well.  Orr’s direction is equally good, with perfect execution and lots of gore to go around.  Give Blood Car a watch.

Rating: 7/10

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