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The Slumber Party Massacre – 7

Director – Amy Holden Jones

Cast – Michelle Michaels, Robin Stille, Michael Villella, Debra Deliso, Andree Honore, Jennifer Meyers, Joseph Alan Johnson, David Millbern, Jim Boyce, Pamela Roylance, Brinke Stevens, Rigg Kennedy

Release Year – 1982

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Slumber parties, one of the sought-after events for any teen woman growing up(us men never have slumber parties, ever), provided ladies with the chance to gossip about their friends, boys, and all other aspects of their lives.  Us men found joy in slumber parties too by imagining the ladies talking about us while wearing skimpy nightgowns and changing in front of each other, so it is only fitting that such an awesome idea would be employed in none other than the horror genre.  The Slumber Party Massacre provides us slasher fans with an awesome and fun-to-watch premise that comes equipped with a sweet killer who dishes out awesome kills with a unique weapon, and perfectly blends two of my favorite things, slumber parties…and massacres.

When convicted mass murderer Russ Thorn escapes from prison, he makes his way to a nearby high school to select his next victims.  While at the high school he comes across a group of young girls planning a slumber party, which marks the beginning of his next killing spree.  As night falls the girls begin to fall victim to Thorn’s grisly power drill-induced killing method, and with no phone or adults around the girls are forced to fend for themselves in a fight to the death against a seasoned killer.

Fans of cheezy slasher films will be glad to know that The Slumber Party Massacre delivers the goods, and in the fashion we enjoy.  The idea of a slumber party falling victim to a savage killer is awesome and it provides not only some nice eye candy but good tension given there are no parents around the unsuspecting girls are unprepared for the grisly events that would ensue.  I also loved the idea of the killer using a very large cordless power drill to bring on some awesome kills, and we get plenty of characters thrown into the film.  What’s the glory of having a lot of characters in a slasher film?  You guessed it: more characters = more kills.

Amy Holden Jones(writer; The Relic) made her director debut with this watch, and her direction is positive, especially if you respect amateur direction that delivers credible cheezy results.  Her sets were dark, gloomy, and provided many nice shadows and hiding places for our killer to lurk and for the girls to hide in, which made for an engaging atmosphere.  The kills in the film were awesome to watch, and she did not shy away from delivering some sweet gore and full-frontal kills of heinous nature.  It was awesome to experience a horror film directed by a woman, just because female directors are not very common in the genre.

Overall, this is a positive slasher film that geniusly blends two awesome elements: a slumber party and a gore-inducing killer.  The cheeze is high in this watch, and fans of such slasher films will not be disappointed with The Slumber Party Massacre.

Rating: 7/10

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