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Cold Prey 2 – 8

Director – Mats Stenberg

Cast – Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Marthe Snorresdotter Rovik, Robert Follin, Kim Wifladt, Johanna Mørck, Fridtjov Såheim, Per Schaaning, Andreas Cappelen, Mats Eldøen, Vetle Qvenild Werring, Mads Sjøgård Pettersen

Release Year – 2008

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Due to my enjoyment of Norwegian slasher film Cold Prey, I was pretty stoked to give Cold Prey 2 a watch.  I expected to like this film, however what I did not expect was to like this film even more than its predecessor.  This occurred because Cold Prey 2 upped the tension and gave us a very well-executed entry that plays off like the Norwegian version of Halloween II, except with its own unique killer.

After the events of Cold Prey, Jannicke(Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) is taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and an investigation into the blood-soaked events that just occurred.  All of her friends are dead, however her troubles are far from over when the killer is brought to the hospital and revived by doctors.  Continuing his murderous rampage, the killer begins to eliminate those in the hospital until he makes his way to Jannicke, sparking a final battle between two people who should have been dead but will not rest until the other is killed.

Boy did this film surprise me.  Most of the time sequels take advantage of the first film by taking off right away and delivering a fast-paced and action packed watch thanks to the lack of development reserved for the first film to employ.  Cold Prey 2 does not go that route and instead comes off as its own film with its own positive and slow-building development that erupted into awesome results.

Cold Prey writer Thomas Moldestad returned to pen this awesome continuance that moved perfectly and gave us the utmost in horror.  The overall storyline is not an original idea as we have seen a very similar storyline in Halloween II, in which Laurie Strode was taken to a nearby hospital in which Michael Myers made his way to and began killing off the staff until the final showdown between Laurie and her little brother.  Thankfully, Moldestad’s story was very well executed and superbly written as it came with numerous awesome developments and perfect slow-building pacing for the first 36 minutes of development, and then all awesome hell broke loose and never relented for the remainder of the film’s brisk 86 minute runtime.  We are given a slew of positive characters who contribute to the film, but the bulk of the storyline settles around Jannicke as her paranoia over the killer soon turns to real fear when he is resurrected and continues his mayhem.  Many good scare scenes are written into the film, and I gladly applaud Thomas Moldestad for delivering an incredible screenplay making him worthy of future projects.

While I was surprised at how this film turned out better than its positive predecessor, I was even more baffled when I learned that this film came from a first-time director.  Mats Stenberg breaks onto the horror scene in fantastic fashion by executing every element involved to near-perfection.  His sets are dark, gloomy, and provide the perfect atmosphere for the horrific events that ensue, and he executes those events to such full potential that once things get going the tension never relents.  His camerawork is fantastic as he uses camera to his advantage and our disadvantage to perfectly display his killer and leave the viewer trembling on multiple occasions.  Speaking of the killer, we are once again given a superbly looking killer that comes portrayed by an even better actor.  While I enjoyed the 6’6” Rune Melby as killer Geir Olav Brath in Cold Prey, the 6’5” Robert Follin came out the superior actor as he gave us a Hodder-esque performance as this awesome non-speaking killer.  Stenberg delivers awesome kills sequences that came with great gore and his previously mentioned superb camerawork, and included several instances where he was forced to say “WOW” out loud over the awesome and truly satisfying events that were occurring before me.

Overall, Cold Prey 2 is a solid sequel to Cold Prey that not only surpasses its predecessor but gives us an awesome slasher experience that comes with great atmosphere, awesome kills, and even more awesome killer, and superb writing and direction.  Fans of Cold Prey are highly recommended to give this entry a watch, as well as those looking for a satisfying entry into the slasher sub-genre from our friends in Norway.

Rating: 8/10

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