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The Video Dead – 4

Director – Robert Scott

Cast – Michael St. Michaels, Roxanna Augesen, Rocky Duvall, Sam David McClelland, Jennifer Miro, Libby Russler, Garrett Dressler

Release Year – 1987

Reviewed by John of the Dead

We all know that the cheezy yet respectable 80s sub-genre films focusing on slashers and zombies began to degrade in quality towards the end of the decade, and The Video Dead is one of those films.  While it came with all of the necessary overall elements to make for a fun cheezy watch, bad execution and mediocre writing resulted in just another low-rent zombie film.

A shipping mix-up results in a normal family receiving a television set that contains a portal to another dimension.  When the television is turned on it allows flesh-craving zombies to make their way into the human world, and the children in the home are forced to join forces with a badass Texan to fight off the zombie invasion.

If you are familiar with 80s horror films then I you should be familiar with the difference between good “cheeze” and bad “cheeze”.  Well, The Video Dead gives us equal levels of both.  Director Robert Scott did a mediocre job delivering the film, with his positives coming in the form of gore and fantastic looking zombies, and his negatives coming in overall poor execution, especially regarding the acting performances and horrible editing and camerawork.

As far as story goes it wa simple but I enjoyed the overall idea of a television opening a portal to a zombie dimension.  When you get to the nit-picky subjects of dialogue and character development the screenplay fails on all levels, especially from the horrendous dialogue that I wish was of the fun and cheezy variety but was instead just a result of lack of talent.

Overall, The Video Dead gives us a cool idea and superb looking zombies but the overall execution is weak and the screenplay is even weaker.  Not recommended.

Rating: 4/10

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