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Boo – 5

Director – Anthony C. Ferrante

Cast – Trish Coren, Rachel Harland, Jilon Ghai, Happy Mahaney, Shirlene Quigley, Algie Hamilton, Dig Wayne, Rosamaria Juarez, Nicole Rayburn, Josh Holt, M. Steven Felty, Michael Samluk, Taylor Hurley

Release Year – 2005

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I was pretty excited to give this film a watch after constantly passing it over throughout the years, hoping that I had been skipping a hidden gem this whole time – however I was dead wrong.  While Boo gives us great atmosphere that compliments its cliche but enjoyable overall plot, poor execution and equally bad writing kept this from being anything other than a slightly bearable effort.

When a group of college students throw a Halloween party in an abandoned hospital, their night of fun and cheap scares turns into true terror when the ghosts of the hospital have their way with them.

This is one effort that really failed to reach A LOT of potential.  The film started off great, giving us numerous scare sequences that were simple yet fairly clever in my opinion, and kept me overly engaged due to how often the scare sequences took place.  Writer/director Anthony C. Ferrante’s crafty scares and his directing execution of the entire first half of the film was top-notch, but once the mystery behind what is going on in the abandoned hospital was uncovered the film went downhill about as fast as Peter Griffin can recite the alphabet.  The revelation behind the horror was not a poorly written idea necessarily, it was just used in poor fashion and upped the cheesyness to unfavorable levels – mostly regarding poor dialogue and unfortunately – poor acting as well.  It really was sad to watch this low-budget flick from a no-name director start off so well yet falter so badly, but that is the case with this one.

Ferrante’s direction showed promise in his ability to create great atmosphere and make the most out of the awesome sets used, which played directly into his background as a fairly good FX maestro.  The scare sequences were good and the tension was high at times, but poor acting performances and horrendous execution of the third act especially ruined this experience and did away with all of the potential hard work involved with the first half of the film, once again giving us a wasted effort that could have been something great and reaffirms the reasoning behind Hollywood not giving young and inexperienced directors a chance.

Overall, Boo is a film that is sure to let you down due to its awesome first half and subsequent fall from grace throughout the remainder of the film.  It is obvious writer/director blah blah has potential, but it was far from reached with this one.

Rating: 5/10

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