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Black Goat (short) – 5

Director – Joseph Nanni

Cast – Adam Wilson

Release Year – 2011

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I came across Black Goat randomly, which is usually the case with short films I find, and seeing it was only six minutes I figured if it sucked then it sure beat the hell out of wasting 90 or more minutes on another crappy flick, and in the end I was right about this sucking. But hey, it was only six minutes.

This short follows a man preparing for a hunt in the frozen tundra and finds himself coming face to face with something he only thought to be a legend – a legend on a hunt of its own.

At only six minutes in length there is not a whole lot that goes on, but there is enough for keep the viewer engaged. Usually with shorts this short we are given a heavy amount of horror, almost as if it were a high tension scene taken from a movie, but this one actually tries to establish itself first before the horror kicks in. From what I have read this seems to be a short meant to open the door to a full feature film, much like what happened with Saw and its short.

The story is OK, but as I mentioned not much goes on. We follow a man (named Jacques) on a hunting expedition and he finds himself being attacked by a creature. The usage of the creature as OK and its long appendages were fairly creepy, and the climax comes a bit open ended as to definitely hint at a full length feature film someday.

Writer/director Joseph Nanni exhibits superb cinematography and lighting, making the most out of the barren sets used. The CGI for the beast was pretty bad and almost looked like anime, but I understand the low budget and I am sure the FX we are given are the best that could be used for this budget. Adam Wilson was great as Jacques, who offers no speech but must use actions and facial expressions to express himself and he did well.

Overall, Black Goat is a decent short that sadly does not offer too much for its 6 minute runtime and that is what hurt it the most. The crappy CGI can be forgiven due to this being a low-budget short, but the story kept this back from being anything worthwhile…until it becomes a feature film.

Rating: 5/10

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