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The Gore Gore Girls – 7

Director – Herschell Gordon Lewis

Cast – Frank Kress, Amy Farrell, Hedda Lubin, Henny Youngman, Russ Badger, Jackie Kroeger, Nora Alexis

Release Year – 1972

Reviewed by John of the Dead

With a title like The Gore Gore Girls it took little convincing (from myself) to get me to view this piece, and seeing that it came from infamous gore schlock director Herschel Gordon Lewis(Two Thousand Maniacs!) I was more than ready to enjoy this low-budget cheesefest. With heavy amounts of gore and some of the meanest kills I have ever seen, The Gore Gore Girls made for an incredible early 70s horror experience that not only still continues to shock its viewers but is also a damn fun film to watch.

When dancers at a sleazy strip joint are being murdered at an alarming rate, a ditzy reporter enlists the help of an extravagant private eye to snare her a front page story with all of the gory details and catch the killer before the cops do.

Boy do I love these cheesy 70s horror films. From the get-go the film’s low budget is obvious with its grainy cinematography and cheesy musical score, setting the tone for an experience sure to please those who also enjoy these flicks. The storyline is as simple as it sounds and we follow Abraham and Nancy as they try and piece together who the killer is in hopes of personal career gains. There are numerous kill sequences for us to marvel at, which included our killer not just killing the dancers but ripping off their faces and continuing to disfigure their looks in brutal fashion. I remember being so very surprised at the first kill as I was exposed to a level of horror I was not expecting to see (despite Herschell Gordon Lewis’ being known for gore). Each of the kills came in brutal fashion and with a few other creative elements thrown in here and there, and the usage of the killer was mostly positive despite only seeing the killer during the kill sequences – meaning no character development. This story comes off somewhat giallo-ish with a fair amount of mystery behind what is going on, but do not expect the substance we see in good giallo films as this story is as bare bones as it gets. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily so long as you know what you are getting into and appreciate these films.

Herschel Gordon Lewis’ direction is what made the paper thin storyline work and made this film so enjoyable. As mentioned earlier, the kills are incredible and serve as the highlight / best this film has to offer. I really cannot speak of how awesome they are but I trust that you will feel the same as I so about them if you love yourself some gore, lots of gore. The acting performances are fun and are about as good as you can expect for this type of film, but mainguy stole the show with his eccentric and overly fun performance.

Overall, The Gore Gore Girls is another gore masterpiece from Herschell Gordon Lewis that gives us a simple storyline adorned with many incredible kill sequences sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewer.  Recommended for those who enjoy gore and/or slasher carnage.

Rating: 7/10

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