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Phase 7 – 6

Director – Nicolás Goldbart

Cast – Daniel Hendler, Jazmín Stuart, Yayo Guridi, Federico Luppi

Release Year – 2011

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Phase 7 is a film I was pretty stoked to see after reading its plot summary, as I have a love for such films that place our protagonist in a nowhere-to-run scenario where he/she is forced to fend off attackers. It seems nowadays that we are seeing more and more of these “epidemic survival” horror films, and I welcome them thanks to the majority of these films being worthwhile and relatable in this day and age. I must say now though that Phase 7 is not so much the horror film that I expected it to be, nor was it a great watch, but in the end it provided for a decent experience despite the low horror.

When a flu epidemic strikes Argentina and leaves his apartment complex under quarantine, Coco must join forces with a heavily armed neighbor to protect his pregnant wife from their neighbors.

Well, I guess this being a “flu epidemic” movie you should know not to expect too much horror right? I mean, this is not an “infected” movie of any sort, but I still expected horror in the form of social breakdown where regardless of what epidemic it is we are given horror in the form of people killing people, and that was somewhat the case here. After finding themselves quarantined and with very little information regarding the justification of the matter, the apartment tenants soon begin losing their minds and because of that they fall victim to an old vigilante who himself has lost his mind. Eventually this threat reaches Coco and his wife, and that is when the carnage breaks loose and he teams up with his radical neighbor to quell the violence…with violence. For the most part this story was OK, but it really left a lot to be desired as it moved very slow and dragged often, ultimately leaving us with very little horror even during the violent scenes. The character play is cool and we are provided with several colorful characters to marvel at, but overall this is a screenplay that could have been much better in regards to the horror/thriller genre that it appeals to.

Nicolas Goldbart serves as both writer and director, and his direction was fairly good despite his decent screenplay. The sets used are simple yet provided enough atmosphere to sell the film to the viewer, and he managed to provide fairly good tension at times despite the lack of overall horror – a sign of good direction. The acting performances were positive and we are given a stellar performance by Federico Luppi as Zanutto, the old vigilante, and much to my surprise we are given a slight amount of gore as well, although it was cheap CGI. For a low-budget film I can be forgiving towards Goldbart for certain directing issues, like the CGI gore, and overall I saw him as a man who seems to have what it takes for direction to make it in the genre, he just needs to step up his game if he wants to make it in this one.

Overall, Phase 7 is a film that does not meet expectations for the horror genre, but overall makes for a decent watch with a tiny bit of horror in the end. If you are looking for a horrific tale than I suggest you look elsewhere, but if you want a quirky flick to appease your boredom this might do you some good, maybe.

Rating: 6/10

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