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Evil Aliens – 7

Director – Jake West

Cast – Emily Booth, Jamie Honeybourne, Sam Butler, Jodie Shaw, Peter O’Connor, Nick Smithers, Norman Lovett, Christopher Adamson, Jennifer Evans, Mark Richard Hayes, Chris Thomas

Release Year – 2005

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Evil Aliens is a film I heard much good buzz from since its debut in 2005, and for reasons unknown it took me until now to finally give this effort a watch.  Filmed on a low budget and marking the sophomore effort of Jake West’s career, Evil Aliens is a zany and literally insane alien flick with loads of gore and cheap FX that will turn off some viewers, but the majority will appreciate this flawed but fun experience.

When sleazy reporter Michelle Fox, the host of a fake UFO investigation TV show, learns of a woman who claims to have been impregnated by aliens, she enlists her crew and a few others to held to a Welsh island to investigate the matter.  This investigation proves to be different than her previous for one reason and one reason only: there are real aliens on this island.  Eager to ride the wave to super-stardom, Michelle gets the cameras rolling in this insane gorefest.

I can say right now that my personal love for anything UFO-oriented is the biggest reason why I though I would enjoy this piece, and much to my pleasure I was given more than just aliens – I was given tons of gore as well.  From the get-go we are thrown into the maniacal madness provided by the aliens who impregnate the young girl in vicious fashion, doing away with her boyfriend as well via an extreme form of anal probing.  Once Michelle Fox and her production crew, accompanied by a knowledgeable UFO nerd, make their way to the island we see their enthusiasm and lack of respect for those who “believe” run to the ground when they interrupt the now cattle-slaughtering alien invaders and provide them more meat for the slaughter.  From then on out the rest of the film consists of the crew and the pregnant girl and her family running from and trying to fight off the aliens, aliens that came in pretty original-looking designs that consisted of some ridiculous looks, but more on that when we get to direction.  There are plenty of kill sequences to go around, however at times I felt the film dragged a bit, which I think resulted from the flick giving us the same damn template for both the second and third act, consisting of the humans battling the aliens and not really giving us much more than that.  I don’t normally tire from alien action, but when I do, it’s from too much alien action and not enough of everything else.

Director Jake West(Doghouse) did a good job with what he hard to work with, and I was glad to see that he appropriated his funds to where they needed to be directed…to the horror.  We are given sweet-looking aliens via live-action FX that delivered awesome live-action gore, which surprised me given most low-budget films these days are almost obligated to overdo the CGI to make ends meet.  Now, there were some scenes of fairly crappy CGI regarding the space ships and relevant sequences, but those were forgivable in my opinion thanks to the awesome horror.  As I mentioned just now, the look of the aliens was pretty cool and creative, and I saw a hint of Peter Jackson-style humor in the aliens, with the females having multiple sets of breasts and other insane ideas.  I have also noticed that some have mentioned Jake West’s early stuff being very reminiscent of Peter Jackson’s early stuff ala Bad Taste and Dead Alive, but I have do disagree with such comparisons.  I do somewhat feel that similarity, but it is very obvious that Jake West’s early stuff is far from the quality of Jackson’s early stuff despite them both essentially coming with the same elements.  Nonetheless, West did well in this one and made up for poor acting and cheap CGI with lots of alien action, gore, and good laughs as well.

Overall, Evil Aliens is a fun film that if you can find yourself a bit forgiving should result in an awesome gore-fueled experience heavy in insanity and alien action.

Rating: 7/10

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