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Carnosaur – 4

Director – Adam Simon, Darren Moloney

Cast – Diane Ladd, Raphael Sbarge, Jennifer Runyon, Harrison Page, Ned Bellamy, Clint Howard, Frank Novak, Ed Williams

Release Year – 1993

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Boy did I love getting my mom to rent this for me when I was a child – thanks much to my love for dinosaurs as well as a love for anything horror. After 15-plus years since my last viewing of this piece I was skeptical if I would enjoy it as much as I did back then, and I must say that my skepticism proved true. While I still possess a guilty pleasure for this creature feature, Carnosaur is definitely one of the worst yet laughably bad (sometimes a good thing) horror films I have seen in a long while.

When Diane Ladd, a brilliant yet maniacal geneticist, conjures a virus to eradicate mankind and bring back the dinosaurs, a nightwatchmen and environmentalist stand in her way of of species eradication at the hands of a carnivorous Carnosaur.

I guess I should not be too disappointed that my recent Carnosaur experience flopped – I was definitely much easier entertained as a child. From the get-go it is obvious that Carnosaur (based on a novel) is going to be far from a stellar effort, but the shotty camerawork and horrible dialogue did little to sway my opinions…at first. The storyline regarding a scientist eradicating the human race to and bringing back the dinosaurs is one that you should never take seriously, but even taking this as a cheesy “it is what it is” film I must say that Carnosaur still bombed pretty badly. Aside from mediocre-at-best characters the only real positive the film has to offer is its dino action, which comes via a mutant carnivorous reptile slowly going from embryo, to youngster, to full-blown adult by the end of the film. There are many cool kill sequences written into this piece, but in the end they were the only reason this flick achieved a poor 4-rating and nothing lower.

The film comes to us via two directors, Adam Simon, the director behind Brain Dead and a writer for The Haunting in Connecticut, and Darren Moloney, who unsurprisingly directed some soft-core after this. I mentioned earlier that the film is of an obviously low budget, but even with that knowledge I am sure you still still be surprised with how “low budget” this film really is. The acting performances are horrid and so is the execution of the actors, but what really had me laughing was how the killer dinosaur was used. I do applaud the directors for relying on live-action FX over CGI for the dinosaur, but when you have to rely on hand puppets as your dinosaur you are going to get some laughs and lose much credibility for your “work”. I was able to look past this for the most part thanks to the good gore thrown into the kills, but the giant carnosaur at the end was not enough to save the film from the earlier usage of hand puppets and a very obvious man in a dinosaur suit.

Overall, Carnivore is LULZ.

Rating: 4/10

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