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Strip Nude for Your Killer – 7

Director – Andrea Bianchi

Cast – Edwige Fenech, Nino Castelnuovo, Femi Benussi, Solvi Stubing, Franco Diogene

Release Year – 1975

Reviewed by John of the Dead

My search for Italian horror sleaze will never cease, and the most recent film of such despicable qualities is Strip Nude for Your Killer, one of the sleaziest I have come across. The film’s title alone should give away most of what you need to know about what this experience has to offer, but I must also say that this comes from one of the genre’s more well-known Italian directors in Andrea Bianchi. I first came across Bianchi when I viewed Burial Ground, one of my favorite zombie films of all time and one that gives the scariest zombies I have ever seen, and based on how much I enjoyed Burial Ground I had high hopes in enjoying this one. Well I did enjoy Stripe Nude for Your Killer, and while it was nowhere near other great giallo flicks like those of Argento, it did provide the sleaze I expected and plenty of kills as well.

After a fashion model dies from complications during an abortion all those associated with her are killed off one by one by a leather-wearing, motorcycle-riding psycho.

Well there you have it, a giallo/slasher where scantily clad fashion models are killed by a psycho wearing leather and riding a motorcycle – sleaze sleaze sleaze. The film takes off quickly, giving us two kills in a matter of minutes and many more after that as the story goes on. The story really is as simple as what I mentioned above, with someone obviously tied to the model’s modeling agency doing the killing for reasons unknown. It was fun to watch a killer dressed in leather on a motorcycle – simply for the cheese – and the numerous knife kills were enjoyable and relatively shocking. As mentioned earlier the level of sleaze is high, and we follow a very sleazy fashion photographer who exploits his position to get what he wants in a “sex first, take pictures later” attitude that seems to work well for him. Trust me, there is a story to this one amidst the sex and killings, although I really felt like it held the film back a bit and was not as engaging as other giallo films I have seen – especially with its mediocre “final twist” that was both uninspiring and a bit of a bore.

Director Andrea Bianchi did an “good enough” job with this piece, giving us decent atmosphere and fairly good execution of the horror. The kills contained enough gore and full-frontal cinematography, but they lacked the “punch” and shock value I was looking for in such a film, especially one with such an awesome title and storyline. The usage of the killer played into this, with the killer having quite boring mannerisms and never providing any scary or freaky sequences. Nonetheless Bianchi creates a visually engaging experience (no, not only because of the nudity) that managed to keep my attention despite the storyline holding it back a bit.

Overall, Strip Nude for Your Killer is a fun and sleazy Italian horror film that gives enough horror and fun to warrant a positive review. The screenplay could have been better and provided more to the experience, but in the end Andrea Bianchi still delivered positive results.

Rating: 7/10

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