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The Boogens – 5

Director – James L. Conway

Cast – Rebecca Balding, Fred McCarren, Anne-Marie Martin, Jeff Harlan, John Crawford, Med Flory, Jon Lormer

Release Year – 1981

Reviewed by John of the Dead

I will never turn down a chance to view an 80s creature film that I have never heard of and comes with a cool overall storyline, and The Boogens is the newest flick that I fell victim to for meeting such criteria. I went into this film with fairly high expectations, expecting a cheesy, flawed, but enjoyable film that plays off like most 80s creature films, but sadly I was given less than what I expected. There are many rights in this effort, but the wrongs were too much to overcome and in the end The Boogens was just an OK piece and not one to rave about.

When an old mine is re-opened by a mining company the creatures that feasted on the bodies of miners trapped decades ago are released to prey on the citizens of a small nearby town.

I was really interested in this story because of it involved a condemned mine with a horrible past being reopened and horror resulting because of that. The film starts off with lots of development, and sadly falls into the same negatives that plague many low-budget 80s horror films…they take too darn long for things to get going. Well, let me rephrase that, they take too long for EXCITING things to get going. This story moves at a slow pace and throws in several scenes of horror along the way, but the scenes did not manifest into anything great. On top of that, when we do finally see some action, a whole 53 minutes into the film, the kills occur offscreen and the creatures are not seen until the very last sequence. I did manage to stay interested in the film thanks go its subject matter and my hopes to see some creature action, so I won’t say this is a boring piece, just a slow and sometimes uneventful one.

This piece comes directed by James L. Conway, a longtime TV director, and he did a great job of aiding the uneventful story by keeping me interested in what was going on before me. His atmosphere is incredible and the film’s musical score added to the creepy and low-lit atmosphere provided by engaging sets that were simple yet very effective. The acting performances were what you would expect for a low-budget 80s film, and I found that to be a good thing and something I look forward to seeing in setting “that” mood. Conway relied on his atmosphere and camerawork to keep me engaged during the film’s earlier scenes of “horror”, mostly involving a dog running away from some Boogens, and I will say that I was a bit disappointed with the horror at its highest point, during the film’s climax. When we finally see the Boogens they were not quite what I expected – I expected larger creatures – and they were far from scary and only slightly “fun” as antagonists.

Overall, The Boogens is an OK film due to its atmosphere and awesome musical score, but as far as the horror goes it ultimately does not amount to very much and results in a mediocre film in the end.

Rating: 5/10

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