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Deadheads – 6

Director – Brett Pierce, Drew T. Pierce

Cast – Michael McKiddy, Ross Kidder, Markus Taylor, Thomas Galasso, Natalie Victoria, Eden Malyn, Benjamin Webster

Release Year – 2011

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Every now and then I feel the need for some horror/comedy, and that lead me to give Deadheads a shot. I really did not know what to expect and I did not take the time to view any photo stills or trailers, but I am glad that I left the experience with alright results. Deadheads is not great, but it took a very simple story and made it a fun one to watch thanks to non-stop ridiculous antics and a story element that focuses on the zombies and not the human survivors. Zombie fans, you may take joy in this for providing us something different in an often cliched sub-genre.

When Mike Kellerman awakes in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, the immediate fear he experiences is enough to kill a man, but it doesn’t…because he’s already dead. Coming to the realization that he himself is also a zombie – one who can talk and think just as he did prior to his death – he embarks on a journey to reunite himself with the lovely girlfriend he once had, Ellie Masterson. Joined by fellow undead-yet-very-human zombie Brent Guthrie, they race against time to find Ellie Masterson before a zealous group of unknown agents with a ruthless agenda track them down and finish them off.

From the film’s inception it is obvious that Deadheads is going to give you a zombie experience you have not come across before or do not come across often. I have yet to see a film that follows a zombie that is essentially a human that looks like a zombie and lacks a desire for conventional human foods, and I appreciated this original/different take on the sub-genre. The story takes few breaks from the humor, beginning with a terrified Mike Kellerman running away from the zombies while pondering why they are not attacking him, but of course to his horror he eventually learns why. The remainder of the film follows his trek with new zombie BFF Brent, the story’s comic relief character, to find Mike’s former love whom he dated before his untimely death three years ago. Eventually we learn that a military-esque force is hunting down zombies and eradicating them on the spot, but Mike’s relationship with them will eventually prove to be a special one that makes him a prime target of theirs. There is plenty of fun humor that helps this story pace well and keep the viewers interest so long as you enjoy it. The humor is quite silly at times and may not appease every person seeking it, but it was Ok enough for me.

Writers Brett and Drew Pierce also directed the film, and they did a mostly positive job at keeping the horror/comedy vibe interesting. They make the most of a small budget by giving us fairly good atmosphere during the film’s nighttime scenes, although the atmosphere does fade in effectiveness during the daytime sequences. With this being a film about zombies you would hope that the directors would at least get that element right? Well, these two guys executed the zombie element pretty well and gave us live-action zombie FX for most of the film’s scenes. There is not over the top gore like most zombie comedies provide but we do get some funny dismemberment scenes that were simple but enjoyable. The acting performances from all involved were also simple in nature, being that they were not very dynamic, but everyone executed their roles well enough and nobody detrimented from the film, including the most stand-out character, McDinkle.

Overall, Deadheads is an OK effort at bringing a horror/comedy experience to the zombie sub-genre while also giving a unique storyline told from a different perspective than what we usually see. This is not great, but it may wind up worth your time on a slow night.

Rating: 6/10

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