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An Evening With My Comatose Mother – 8

Director – Jonathan Martin

Cast – Wendy Macy, Michele Turner Wilson, Missy Hill, Rick Macy, Alivia Leonelli

Release Year – 2011

Reviewed by John of the Dead

After receiving rave reviews at Screamfest 2011 and eventually becoming the most decorated short film of all time (the winner of 69 international and industry awards), An Evening With My Comatose Mother was an experience I had to be a part of.  I have been trying to expand my writing by including short films, and after being told that this effort was a very Evil Dead-esque 30 minute package I paid the $2.99 to iTunes and gave it a go.  35 minutes later I was left in awe at the horror I had just witnessed – horror that left me with chills over my entire body at times.  With only 30 or so minutes to complete the task writer/director Jonathan Martin did in a half-hour what many directors fail to do in 90 minutes, making for one of the best and definitely the scariest short I have ever seen.

When Dorothy takes a house-sitting gig at the Poe’s residence on Halloween night she expects an easy evening and easier money.  After she arrives she is told of the wife’s comatose mother in a bedroom upstairs, which is a hinderance to her easy night but in all reality how much trouble could an elderly comatose woman cause?  Dorothy will soon learn the answer to that uestion when a heavy storm hits and Mother “wakes up”…

With this being a short film it is not allowed very much time to develop before the horror must kick in, and I applaud Jonathan Martin for writing in ample development in such a short period of time. I enjoyed the idea of Dorothy not initially knowing that she is going to have to occassionally peek in at the woman’s creepy comatose mother, which despite initial balking Dorothy sees this as only a minor issue in her quest for an easy night. The horror eventually begins to appear onscreen when the storm hits at the 10 minute mark and she is greeted by a creepy guest, and after that all hell breaks loose within the home. Alongside the comatose mother is a creepy looking court jester doll, and after the storm hits he decides he has waited alongside her enough and begins taunting Dorothy and scaring the hell out of me. Then, with the doll scares still fresh in my mind Mother decides to rise and we are introduced to an Evil Dead-esque third act that sealed the deal for this awesome horror short.

While the story is a big positive it is Martin’s direction that seals the deal. From the get-go we are thrown into awesome atmosphere that came via captivating sets and decorations within the sets that allowed me to put myself in Dorothy’s position. When the storm hits and the lights go out the atmosphere improves and from then on our Martin did a great job at scaring the hell out of me. The first antagonist was great, but he really struck gold with how well he executed the killer doll scenes. Those scenes were truly terrifying in how he used the doll and employed its mannerisms, and the creepy look of the doll only added to the terror. If you know of the killer clown scene from Poltergeist then you can expect a scene quite similar to that, but this one scares me more today than the Poltergeist scene does. Even more epic is the fact that the horror does not end there. When Mother hits the screen we are once again presented a creepy character whose looks and mannerisms will scare the hell out of you. She is executed in an Evil Dead-esque way, much like the old lady in The Evil Dead and she even dances like the demons do in Raimi’s classic trilogy. It is not often that I can say a short horror film has scared me, with Red Balloon being the last one to accomplish such honors before this piece, and I hope that Jonathan Martin has a long career ahead of him in the horror genre.

Overall, An Evening With My Comatose Mother is a great horror short that I suggest all horror fans give a watch to since the majority of us enjoy films like The Evil Dead. The atmosphere is great and the scares are very fulfilling, giving me supreme chills that I did not expect but fully enjoyed.

Rating: 8/10

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“Let me give you my dermatologist’s number…”

Harlem Shake

  1. JM
    February 28, 2013 at 4:00 am

    I very much so approve of this review. Except some love all over our facebook page soon! Oh, and maybe we should let you know… a feature film is coming! You can see a few (very few) details we’ve given away on imdb. Thanks for checking out the film and showing us all sorts of love! -JM

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