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Tales from the Crypt: SE 1 EP 5: “Lover Come Hack to Me” – 6

Director – Tom Holland

Cast – Amanda Plummer, Stephen Shellen, Lisa Figus, John Kassir

Release Year – 1989

Reviewed by John of the Dead

“Lover Come Hack to Me” comes written by Michael McDowell(Beetlejuice, Tales from the Darkside: The Movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Thinner, Tales from the Darkside TV series) and follows a newlywed couple preparing their honeymoon celebration. While traveling to their destination a terrible storm forces them to take refuge in an eerily abandoned home, and while this may not be the dream location Peggy had in mind for her honeymoon it must do, as her husband Charles is persistent that they consummate their marriage. After all, it is Peggy’s money he is after, and not her looks, personality, or anything of the like, but he will learn tonight that he will receive much more than he bargained for.

The story begins with Peggy’s aunt warning her that Charles is only marrying her for her money, but as any naïve young girl searching for love would believe, she brushes her aunt away and heads off for the honeymoon she has waited her whole life for. Of course, it turns out that Charles really is marrying Peggy only for her money, but it also just so happens that Peggy married Charles for one reason as well – a deep family tradition heavy in dismemberment. McDowell’s story was an OK one overall but it did not bring forth the horror until the very end of the film. There were a few minutely tense scenes here and there, but until the final sequence there is really nothing to marvel at and the viewer is simply watching two overly long developmental acts for a 22 minute film.

Director Tom Holland (Fright Night, Child’s Play) did a great job with this piece and executed it about as well as he could. The atmosphere was great and the sets used were creepy and effective, as was the musical score. I thought the actors involved did well, especially Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction, The Prophecy, Satan’s Little Helper) as the shy and almost childish Peggy, all while harboring a maniacal secret she would later use to berate the viewer. He gave us decent tension during the few scenes that called for it, and the build-up to the climax was worthwhile and ended on a horrific note.

Overall, “Lover Come Hack To Me” is an alright episode that does enough to keep the viewer engaged (it’s only 22 minutes for crying out loud) but it does not consist of as much horror as I would have liked for a positive rating. The build up to the climax was good, but in the end this is a borderline-positive piece in the end.

Rating: 6/10

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