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Tales from the Crypt: SE 2 EP 2: “The Switch” – 7

Director – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Cast – William Hickey, Rick Rossovich, Kelly Preston, Roy Brocksmith, Ian Abercrombie, J. Patrick McNamara, John Kassir

Release Year – 1990

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This episode’s introduction was one of the most fun of the series, giving us The Cryptkeeper pumping some iron (via a barbel made of skulls and a bone) and his trainer, Arnold Swarzenegger, egging him on. The story stars William Hickey as Carlton Webster, a rich and elderly man who has met the love of his life in Linda, a woman in her 20s. When Carlton proposes to Linda she turns him down, stating that she cannot marry a man in his current physical condition. Not one to give up so easily, Carlton hires a brilliant plastic surgeon to literally transform him into a 30 year old man, but the heavy price Carlton pays for this transformation may not pay off in the end.

This Richard Tuggle screenplay did a fine job of bringing forth an insidious sense of horror that I enjoyed viewing: Carlton’s transformation. It was awesome to watch him first change his face, then his torso, then have to change his legs because they did not go in line with his torso, until he had virtually spent his life fortune on a body transformation so that he can marry a girl he hopes loves him for himself and not his money. The story is a simple one and the horror does not stop at Carlton’s transformation, but continues up to the story’s climax where he learns just how much he payed for his new physical appearance while still staying the same age. Arnold Swarzenegger directed this story and I was very surprised at how well he executed it. The performances were great, especially from William Hickey (The Nightmare Before Christmas) as Carlton and Roy Brocksmith as the plastic surgeon. Swarenegger’s camerawork was also positive and he made the most out of the sets involved to provide us with good atmosphere in this simple but effective tale.

Overall, “The Switch” is a fun piece that shows us the horror involved when one uses his fortune to try and buy love by buying a new body.

Rating: 7/10

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