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Night of the Demons 2 – 6

Director – Brian Trenchard-Smith

Cast – Cristi Harris, Darin Heames, Jennifer Rhodes, Robert Jayne, Merle Kennedy, Amelia Kinkade, Rod McCary, Johnny Moran, Rick Peters, Christine Taylor

Release Year – 1994

Reviewed by John of the Dead

The 1988 sleazefest Night of the Demons remains one of the genre’s favorite demon-themed films, and Night of the Demons 2 manages to give fans of the original a run for their money. Debuting six years after the original, writer Joe Augustyn returns to pen this simple yet surprisingly engaging screenplay. This sequel may not offer anything new to the series and is basically Night of the Demons with a different cast and initial location, but it brings with it the same enjoyable elements provided in the first film: gory kills, creepy demon action, and low-budget cheese.

Still traumatized by her sister’s disappearance at Hull House many years prior, Angela’s younger sister, “Mouse”, finds her self in for a night of sheer terror when her cohorts at a Catholic boarding school drag her to a party at Hull House…and Angela returns.

This story is as simple as it gets but somehow manages to keep the viewer’s attention. After the opening sequence explaining what happened to Angela, we watch as the girls bully the poor Mouse and harass her about her sister’s apparent descent into Hell. On the guys’ side we follow Perry, an introverted geek with a heavy obsession in demonology. Mouse is a prominent character but does little to move the story, leaving Perry to be the one to get things going. After hounding Father Bob about demonic possession and the study of demons Perry is forced to keep his sense of “imagination” to himself, making a big mistake when his sense for adventure brings Angela back to this realm. “Grounded” from attending the school dance, the guys and girls decide to throw a party of their own, and naturally they wind up at the infamous Hull House where Angela has been patiently waiting for them.

Much like its predecessor I applaud this piece for keeping me entertained during its overly long development. My only gripe against both films is that they take an hour before the good stuff gets going, giving us an action packed final 30 minutes that is fun but not enough to compensate and make it a truly great film. Nonetheless I was never bored and was glad to see a few small moments of horror here and there during the development. Once things do get going though we are bombarded with constant kills and mayhem until the final battle between Angela and the remaining survivors.

Director Brian Trenchard-Smith (Leprechaun 3, Leprechaun 4: In Space) did well executing this piece, giving us great atmosphere from the get-go and doing what he could to keep me entertained. Sure the acting performances are flawed and there are many other minor faults you can pick on the film for, but overall he did a good enough job to leave me with a smile on my face. His execution of the horror was great, giving us live-action gore whenever possible and also ensuring that Angela was about as scary as a demonic woman can be. The jump scares were actually worthwhile and his use of shadows and atmosphere to his advantage made for a creepier experience than this should have been.

Overall, Night of the Demons 2 is an enjoyable sequel to one of the genre’s most popular demon films. The horror is there and the experience basically mimics the first film, so if you enjoyed the first you should enjoy this one.

Rating: 6/10

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