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Tales from the Crypt: SE 2 EP 5: “Three’s A Crowd” – 7

Director – David Burton Morris

Cast – Gavan O’Herlihy, Ruth de Sosa, Paul Lieber, John Kassir, Dante D’Andre

Release Year – 1990

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Here is a slow-burning episode that consisted of 95% development and climaxed in a predictable yet still unimaginable fashion.  It is their 10 year anniversary but Richard and Della’s marriage has seen better days.  Richard is certain that Della is cheating on him with his long-lost best friend, Alan.  When Alan graciously offers to provide them with the means for a spectacular anniversary Richard’s plans for revenge fail to prepare him for the big “surprise” that awaits him.

This was a definite story-driven experience done right.  Thanks to this being a TV episode the story takes off quickly, giving us an insight into the current state the marriage.  Richard’s hatred over the amount of time that Della is spending with Alan in “preparation” for their anniversary is emotionally draining to the man and he relies on his scotch to keep him at bay.  Things definitely kick into higher gear when they travel with Alan to his wooded property outside of the city.  Richard is quite certain that Della is cheating on him due to the way her and Alan interact and the fact that she has been buying clothing and lingerie that is not being worn for Richard.  Watching Richard slowly crumble and become more and more vengeful was awesome and it ultimately climaxed into a sequence that you expect but still manages to shock you.  I also enjoyed how Della was in fact trying to make Richard jealous on their 10th anniversary and it lead to a very unhappy ending.

Director David Burton Morris did well in his execution and it showed due to this story-driven film being a highly engaging one.  The acting performances were solid and a big reason behind the film’s ability to keep me interested, and his execution of the horror was grand and shocking.  The way he executes the relationship between his characters is fantastic and for this being a film where the horror does not surface until the very end, it sure did come with A LOT of tension.

Overall, “Three’s A Crowd” is a slow burning experience that thankfully pays off in the end, and in a BIG way.

Rating: 7/10

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