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Storage 24 – 6

Director – Johannes Roberts

Cast – Noel Clarke, Colin O’Donoghue, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Laura Haddock, Jamie Thomas King, Alex Price, Ned Dennehy, Geoff Bell

Release Year – 2013

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Because of my extreme love for creature features I was pretty excited for this when I first read about it, but then the negative reviews started coming in.  From what I saw the creature looked pretty sweet, the gore was plentiful, and the film’s setting was positive for this sub-genre, so I took the plunge and gave it a shot.  While not amazing, Storage 24 is another film I can add to the shameful list of flicks my cohorts told me were bad but are not bad at all.  No new ground is broken and it has its faults, but if you need your creature fix this should be enough to leave you pleased in the end.

In London, an Air Force plane crashes and leaves its highly classified contents spread across the city. Completely unaware that the city is in lockdown and the military’s precious cargo is “hazardous” to the public, a group of people become trapped inside a highly secure storage facility with one of the military’s most dangerous secrets.

The story, written by a trio of writers, starts off well, Charlie (Noel Clarke; Doghouse, Star Trek Into Darkness) reeling in pain over the recent breakup with his ex girlfriend. Dead set on figuring out where it all went wrong with his ex girlfriend, especially after treating her well and even buying her a new car, Charlie and his friend Mark head to the storage unit where she and their belongings are located, but not before the alien’s craft crash-lands on the storage facility.  We are given positive creature action early on, with the beast feasting on unsuspecting victims while our protagonists are busy arguing and creating drama for the storage facility’s employees.  Eventually the creature ventures out of the creepy basement and begins chowing on the main characters, and from then on out the horror kicks into high gear.  I enjoyed seeing the characters killed off one by one in gruesome fashion, and found the pacing of the kills to be spot on.  There is a bit of conflict thrown into the mix, mostly stemming from Charlie and Shelley’s relationship woes and subsequent a revelation that shocks the crew, and I honestly found this conflict beneficial in aiding the story and keeping things interesting even if it was a little bit cliche.

Director Johannes Roberts did a surprisingly good job executing this piece and left me wondering why so many hated on this effort.  The atmosphere was positive and the sets used for the storage facility were great and provided for some very claustrophobic scenes that in return made for good tension.  The look of the creature was great and came off similar to a praying mantis, and I was glad to see that we were not forced to deal with too much CGI.  The same applies to the gore, which was plentiful but split time between live-action and CGI FX.  One element that made this a fun experience for me was the kills.  This creature was a supreme beast and therefore delivered supreme kills that were often shocking and downright brutal sometimes. Roberts’ execution of the horror overall was pretty good, with great tension, plenty of gore, and a good creature, so what more can you ask for in a creature feature?

Overall, Storage 24 is a fun creature feature that offers all of the usual positives associated with such flicks. It does have its flaws and will not break new ground or offer anything new, but if you expect such things / too much from these films they are most likely not for you in the first place.

Rating: 6/10

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