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Tales from the Crypt: SE 2 EP 7: “The Sacrifice” – 7

Director – Richard Greenberg

Cast – Kim Delaney, Kevin Kilner, Don Hood, Michael Ironside, John Kassir

Release Year – 1990

Reviewed by John of the Dead

The “Tales from the Crypt” series takes on an old classic horror theme that bring us greed, betrayal, and a deadly love triangle in “The Sacrifice”. While dealing with the crude and manipulative tycoon Sebastian Fleming, hotshot insurance salesman James becomes involved with Sebastian’s beautiful, seductive, and unhappy wife, Gloria Fleming. They successfully devise and complete a sinister plan where Sebastian is killed and Gloria is left with his money to share with James, but things go awry when one of Sebastian’s friends enters the picture claiming he has photographic evidence of the murder.

Here we have a classic and highly tense tale from Blood In, Blood Out story-writer Ross Thomas. The story uses a lover’s triangle that is followed by betrayal, murder, and blackmail to provide good tension and and classic horror reminiscent of the storylines from the 1940 and 1950s. The story takes its time developing at first, giving us a firsthand look at how cunning and ruthless the despicable Sebastian is and how honest and admirable James is before he takes on Gloria’s plan to get rid of her husband and leave them a lot of money to enjoy for the rest of their lives. The murder goes according to plan, although it proves to be a bit hectic and is more dramatic than they predicted, but what they did not predict was a witness and THAT is where things get interesting. There isn’t much horror involved in the witness idea but this episode isn’t a devout horror episode but one that delves into thriller status as well. In the end we are left with a brutal twist that I sort of saw coming but did not expect to hit as hard as it did.

Little Monsters director Richard Greenberg directs this piece and he does a good job at executing the tension and occasional scenes of horror. The acting performances help sell the experience as this is a dialogue-driven episode with only a few kills to enjoy, but thanks to good direction the kills were worthwhile and made for a solid “Tales from the Crypt” episode.

Overall, The Sacrifice is a positive episode that I recommend viewing thanks to the twists and turns provided by the story. This episode is not heavy on horror but it is heavy as a thriller and brings back that classic feel of horror before gore took over.

Rating: 7/10

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