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Leprechaun 2 – 4

Director – Rodman Flender

Cast – Warwick Davis, Charlie Heath, Shevonne Durkin, Sandy Baron, Adam Blesk, James Lancaster

Release Year – 1994

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Just over a year after the debut of one of my favorite horror films, the Jennifer Aniston-starring Leprechaun, audiences were given Leprechaun 2. Bringing back Warwick Davis as The Leprechaun and continuing his silly antics in our “modern” world, this sequel is one that aims to bring back some of the fun from its predecessor and with negative results. When a slave fouls a potential wedding of his 1,000 years prior, The Leprechaun awakens to search for a direct descendant of his former bride and comes across Bridget. When The Leprechaun captures her to claim her as his own her boyfriend Cody and his swindling uncle Morty must devise a plan to defeat the old deceiver and save Bridget.

The story kicks off with The Leprechaun’s fumbled wedding plans and then fast forwards to today, following Cody and Bridget until The Leprechaun somehow awakens in a nearby forest and goes about his quest to claim Bridget. I was glad to see that The Leprechaun was very much like he was in Leprechaun, with similar dialogue and the same mannerisms that made him such a joy to watch. The story is ultimately nothing special though and the remainder of the film focuses on Cody and Morty’s desperate attempts to retrieve Bridget while avoiding the police force that believes Cody is responsible for The Leprechaun’s murders. There are only five kills in the film, which came as no surprise to me given the first film only had four kills for us to enjoy. The writers managed to keep things interesting at first, but once the halfway mark hit I noticed the flick begin to drag and slowly start losing my interest despite a few descent scenes here and there.

Director Rodman Flender did a decent job at times but his direction also had a role in sinking this experience. Warwick Davis is as good as he always was, portraying The Leprechaun numerous times, but he is the only good thing about Flender’s direction and Warwick made it happen himself. The surrounding performances were so-so (expected), but the film lacked decent horror and did not come with any “punch” like its predecessor did. Flender’s execution was definitely on the silly side, and while I do not mind that in appropriate horror films it has to at least be executed right, and it was not in this unfavorable sequel.

Overall, Leprechaun 2 is a lame sequel that offers little to fans of the first film. Aside from The Leprechaun there is very little to enjoy and I suggest you skip this one.

Rating: 4/10

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