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Tales from the Crypt: SE 2 EP 8: “For Cryin’ Out Loud” – 7

Director – Jeffrey Price

Cast – Lee Arenberg, Katey Sagal, Iggy Pop, Sam Kinison, Al White, John Kassir

Release Year – 1990

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This Tales from the Crypt episode brings us something I have not seen much in the series, the conscience. When greedy rock promoter Marty Slash tries to steal the money raised at a benefit concert he is throwing, his conscience intervenes and makes for the worst night of his life.

More fun and comedic than scary, it was great to watch Marty struggle with the very LOUD voice in his head, his conscience (Sam Kinison). It is never shown just how his conscience became so loud or why it began to harass him, but when Marty does the unthinkable and not only steals from charity but kills in order to ensure his getaway, his conscience makes sure that leaving the country will not be an easy task. Watching his conscience mess with him in the most traumatic and annoying of ways was great, and Jeffrey Wright, who wrote (along with Peter S. Seaman)and directed the film, did a fantasic job of enveloping us into Marty’s dilemma. At times I felt the pain and harassment that Marty was going through, and I thank Wright’s direction and the character performances from Lee Arenberg (Marty) and Sam Kinison (Marty’s conscience) for that. Ultimately this episode builds up to the usual harrowing climax that fans have learned to expect but still find enjoyable, giving us a more comedic entry.

Overall, “For Cryin’ Out Loud” is a fun experience that gives us a unique story that does not consist of monsters or the supernatural, but greed and guilt. The acting performances are great and so is Wright’s direction, making for another positive entry into the series.

Rating: 7/10

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