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A Resurrection – 5

Director – Matt Orlando

Cast – Mischa Barton, Brenden Meers, Devon Sawa, Michael Clarke Duncan, J. Michael Trautmann, Stuart Stone, Nick Jandl, Matthew Willig, Alanna Janell

Release Year – 2013

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Once again, late night boredom leads me to take a plunge into a film I did not expect much from, and this time the flick also happens to be Michael Clark Duncan’s final performance. When Eli, a bullied outcast, begins making claims that his dead brother is coming back for the students who got away with his murder, the school psychologist and her sheriff boyfriend try to get to the bottom of his threatening predictions. They look for a logical explanation to his mental condition, but soon enough they will find out there is no logical explanation for the upcoming supernatural phenomenon.

I knew this film had low ratings but I felt like watching a cheesy lesser known film and in the end this wasn’t so bad, although it was not watch I would recommend either. The story offers nothing new but it does include one of my favorite elements in horror: vengeance. Eli is living a traumatized life after the killing of his older brother, and things only become worse for him when the date of his brother’s resurrection looms nearby. The majority of the film takes place with Eli and his brother’s killers sitting in detention after the killers beat up Eli for making threats that his brother is going to return from the dead to kill them all, and it provides an isolated nowhere-to-run scenario when things get going. As you can imagine, the killers are slowly killed off one by one by an unseen force, and the viewer is left to wonder whether it really is Eli’s brother doing the killings or if it is Eli himself getting his revenge. The kills are plentiful and the character play is unexpected, meaning there were people killed that I did not expect to see killed.

I did find the story to be a tad bit flat, and sadly Matt Orlando’s direction did not do enough to improve on this. Orlando’s direction was OK, giving us positive atmosphere that played very well with the film’s somber and supernatural subject matter. He achieves positive performances from the actors involved, which surprised me given the film’s budget and lack of attention. As far as the horror goes he does a decent job of selling it to us, but there are a few faults that kept it from being worthwhile. The lack of on-screen kills was a big bummer, and this was also the case with the film’s killer as well – one crucial to the story but one never seen delivering the horror.

Overall, A Resurrection was not a complete waste of my time but it is most definitely a film I cannot recommend.

Rating: 5/10

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