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The Factory – 5

Director – Morgan O’Neill

Cast – John Cusack, Dallas Roberts, Jennifer Carpenter, Mae Whitman, Sonya Walger, Mageina Tovah, Katherine Waterston, Gary Anthony Williams, Michael Trevino, Cindy Sampson, Lita Tresierra, Vincent Messina

Release Year – 2013

Reviewed by John of the Dead

The Factory is a film I had been waiting to see for years and fans were finally afforded a DVD release this year – five years after the film was completed in 2008. Suffering numerous release date setbacks, we were left to wonder for years why this film kept failing to make the cut…and now I know why. This $25,000,000 film is far from the experience it could have been and starring actor John Cusack did little to save it. Sure he has done some stinkers and the mediocre The Raven, but Cusack delivered solid performances in both Identity and 1408, but sadly The Factory is only mediocre at best.

Mike, a cop obsessed with catching a serial killer that has been abducting young girls, loses all professional restraint when his daughter is kidnapped and the race against time forces him to take matters into his own hands.

I do not know about you but I know a lot of horror fans, including myself, enjoy serial killer films and watching cops / investigative reporters desperately try to find them. This story gives us just that, but sadly the story falls flat on multiple levels. Things start off OK, but when Mike’s daughter is kidnapped the story gets worse when it was supposed to get better. We are forced to watch Mike and his young partner Kelsey (Jennifer Carpenter; The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Quarantine) bumble around and employ moronic police work, while the writers’ attempts at character conflict consistently fail. Not every element of the story is this bad though, as I did find the killer to be a solid freak whose reasoning behind the kidnappings was enjoyably demented. :possible spoiler alert: Of course, those who have seen the film have talked non-stop about the film’s harrowing climax, and I for one feel that while it was an OK idea overall, the writing execution was downright pathetic and riddled with continuity issues.

Co-writer Morgan O’Neill directs this film and does little to improve on his mediocre story.. I did enjoy the look and atmosphere of the flick, and the horror itself wasn’t bad either. Dallas Roberts portrays the killer, Carl, and he does a fantastic job of selling his creepy character – stealing the show from both Cusack and Carpenter. We don’t get much as far as gore and kills go, but the horror scenes were good enough to keep me engaged and interested. O’Neill’s execution could have definitely been a lot better and could have maybe made this a better film, but he will have to try again another time.

Overall, after watching The Factory I can now see why it took 5 years to see a release – the direction, writing, and acting are out-gunned by mediocrity.

Rating: 5/10

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