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The World’s End – 8

Director – Edgar Wright

Cast – Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine, Eddie Marsan, DAvid Bradley, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Smiley, Rosamund Pike

Release Year – 2013

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg broke onto the horror scene with 2004’s zombie epic Shaun of the Dead, and after the non-horror Hot Fuzz in 2007 they have completed their unofficial Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy with 2013’s The World’s End. Bringing with them their usual wit and amazing sense of humor, Wright and Pegg deliver a solid climax to their trilogy that also stands firmly on its own. Debuting a few months after another apocalyptic horror comedy, This Is the End, this flick was an underdog compared to the star-studded Seth Rogen flick but still managed to pull off the upset. Coming off as Beerfest meets The Twilight Zone with a dash of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The World’s End is one of the best horror films of 2013 and the best horror comedy of the year.

20 years after failing to complete the Golden Mile, where one consumes a pint of beer in 12 different pubs over the course of a mile, Gary King reunites with his childhood friends for one more crack at the elusive milestone, only to become mankind’s only hope for survival.

Boy did I really enjoy this film. Hopefully we can all relate to having good memories with childhood friends, especially if they involve getting hammered and making moronic mistakes. This story plays heavily on the camaraderie between the five friends and a lifelong goal all but one of them, Gary King, had forgotten about. Each of the characters comes with their own colorful personalities, but none are as enjoyable as the incredibly well-written Gary King. King’s dialogue is non-stop awesome and his wit, charm, and one-liners left me in awe over how great of a character he is. Unlike This Is the End, the horror in this flick does not take a backseat to the comedy but they instead compliment one another equally. The first 37 minutes are pure comedic genius, and when that 38th minute hits we get our first glimpse of horror. It is this scene that proves to the viewer and the protagonists that the townsfolk in their old town have been taken over by an otherworldly force. From here on out the story kicks things into high gear with lots of action, kills, and plenty of laughs to go along. The end of the world is near and the human race will soon fall victim to their alien visitors, but before they can save the world the 5 companions must first complete the Golden Mile and that is where the real awesomeness begins. I really enjoyed seeing them fight off their attackers while running from pub to pub and downing pints of Foster’s as fast as they could, getting drunker and drunker as the battle waged on. This story is one of the most fun I have seen in a long time and manages to pace things pretty well aside from one slightly preachy scene towards the end, but of course the writers manage to end the flick in style.

Edgar Wright continues his directing prominence and expertly delivers one of the best horror comedies I have ever seen. His atmosphere and cinematography are incredible as usual, and he employs his crafty Robert Rodriguez-esque editing on numerous occasions. The horror is great and I really enjoyed the look of the aliens and the blue blood they spewed after being brutally decapitated, amongst other awesome deaths. On top of this they emitted an incredible light from their eyes that added to their creepiness and made them unlike any other antagonist I have seen. Wright’s execution of the action was incredible and he managed to give us a full-frontal view of the chaos and horror going on, but what really sells the film is Simon Pegg. His performance is one of his best and Wright uses him to his full potential in what may be his last horror film for a while.

Overall, The World’s End is an awesome apocalyptic horror comedy that delivers non-stop fun and good horror. The script is highly engaging thanks to lots of great laughs, incredible dialogue, and great action. Edgar Wright’s direction is as solid as ever and his incredible execution makes for an experience I highly suggest you check out.

Rating: 8/10

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