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Vessel – 7

Director – Clark Baker

Cast – Brandon Bales, Julie Mintz, Walter Phelan

Release Year – 2012

Reviewed by John of the Dead

Vessel is a short 14 minute horror film that I came across randomly and was immediately interested in after seeing it involved people stuck in a plane, which is that ever-awesome nowhere-to-run scenario I enjoy so much. While en route to San Francisco from Boston, Flight 298 comes in contact with an otherworldly force and are thrown into a fight for their lives. The pilots manage to successfully land the plane, but the horror is far from over.

At only 14 minutes in length you can expect the horror to hit early on, and it does after mere minutes of establishing the setting and who our main characters will be. I really enjoyed the idea of a supernatural force attacking a plane mid-flight because our protagonists are left with little they can do defend themselves. To me it is scary enough to be attacked by an alien force, but for it to happen thousands of feet above the ground just ups the ante. Eventually the plane lands, and despite the lack of altitude the horror ups the ante even higher when we finally get a look at what has been harassing the passengers…and it makes its way into the plane. I really enjoyed this simple but very effective story, whose horror only grew in intensity as the story progressed and moved locations.

Director Clark Baker shows lots of promise with his execution of this film, from the establishing shots setting up the awesome atmosphere to the horror itself. When the initial horror hits the panic is real and the intensity is high, and much like the story he manages to keep the intensity growing and growing as the end credits near. The look of the antagonist(s) was positive but sadly came to us via CGI effects, but with a short film I will not balk such budgetary limitations. The scene that sold the most was Baker’s execution of the scene where the plane lands and the protagonists wait patiently to see if they are going to be attacked again…only to see a truly horrifying site awaiting them. The dead silence of this scene is incredible and goes to show that often times less really is more in the horror genre.

Overall, Vessel is a great horror short that provides 14 exiting minutes sure to appease your horror fix.

Rating: 7/10

…Additional Stills…

Our lead sees something that should not be in the sky…

You can view the film by clicking here, or watching below.

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