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Bloody Cuts – Episode 2: Stitches – 7

Director – Ben Kent

Cast – Bethan Hanks, Paul Ewen, Jason Loborik, Ryan Gipp, Caroline Woodruff

Release Year – 2011

Reviewed by John of the Dead

After the mostly-positive Episode 1, titled “Lock Up”, I was hoping the series would improve…and it did. Next up is Stitches, which isn’t just a sweet story but a pretty devout ripoff of another film that debuted years prior. Not only is the name the same as the 2013 (US release year) killer clown film, but the story follows the exact same storyline as the epic clown sequence in the film Amusement. The same can be said about the short horror film Red Balloon as well, which just so happens to be one of my favorite of all horror shorts. Nonetheless, despite the extreme similarities and the fact that I had seen this all before, I enjoyed “Stitches”. The story is a simple but spine-tinglingly epic one that was not as good as the other films mentioned but still manages succeed where it matters. The look of the clown is solid and the atmosphere is utterly satisfying, stemming from a dimly lit home heavily adorned in creepy toys….including one very big clown.

Rating: 7/10

…Additional Stills…

You can view the film by clicking here or by watching the video below…

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