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Bloody Cuts – Episode 3: Prey – 5

Director – Jonny Franklin

Cast – Fergal Philips, Jessica Blake, David Blood

Release Year – 2011

Reviewed by John of the Dead

While trying to improve on every episode, which was the case with “Lock Up” and then “Stitches”, it seems the quality faded and we were instead given what is so far the most unfavorable episode so far. Let’s start with the positives first. The look of “Prey” is great and definitely more superior than its predecessors than to the cameras used, and I enjoyed that the film blended many different elements and sub-genres together. A supernatural tale, we follow a man who appears to be a sexual predator, finding himself haunted by his most recent victim. The supernatural scares bleed J-horror (Japanese horror) and we also get that Succubus feel from the story as well. The direction is fair and the special FX continue to be the biggest blessing for the series, namely the gore. I personally did not enjoy the look of the “antagonist” and found her too cheap (like a bad J-horror flick) and much like J-horror the clichés were in abundance. I believe the story is what held the film back and its numerous clichés, including a horrible closing scene, was what bad nightmares are made of.

Rating: 5/10

…Additional Stills…

You can view the film by clicking here or by watching the video below…

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