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Tales from the Crypt: SE 2 EP 17: “My Brother’s Keeper” – 7

Director – Peter S. Seaman

Cast – Timothy Stack, Jonathan Stark, Jessica Harper, Ron Orbach, Valerie Bickford, John Kassir

Release Year – 1990

Reviewed by John of the Dead

This time “Tales from the Crypt” gives us a tale regarding something I can’t say I have seen in the genre: Siamese twins. Attached at the hip, the reckless boozehound Eddie is often at odds with his correct “square” brother Frank. When the opportunity to surgically separate them with a 50% possibility for success, Eddie has a hard time convincing Frank to sign on for the surgery. However, when a woman becomes involved in Frank’s life, a secret heavy in lies and deception is exposed…with fatal results.

The story comes from the writers behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and who later on wrote How the Grinch Stole Christmas as well as Shrek The Third. So, you should expect this episode to be a bit silly, but fun, and it is. The first two acts consist mostly of the brothers’ conflicting personalities ruining their chances with women, but ultimately it is their conjoined “situation” that keeps the women at bay. Frank’s refusal to sign off on the operation leaves Eddie with a plan: make Frank’s life miserable until he agrees, and he does a damn good job of that – ultimately leading to the episodes’ only murder. The execution is fun and despite not being too horrific the story is still an engaging one.

Overall, “My Brother’s Keeper” is an enjoyable episode that takes its time delivering the horror but thankfully pays off in the end.

Rating: 7/10

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